Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So we finally went grocery shopping this weekend. For the first time since ... ahem... Christmas. Little Mrs. Steele's cupboards were very very bare. We kinda splurged at the store -- We each bought our own kind of shampoo! (Yes, this is splurging. We are the type of people who could potentially re-use plastic sandwich bags.) Steven bought this fancy-schmancy Paul Mitchell Tea Tree stuff.


He's been raving about it all day -- he says it makes his scalp tingle. I told him he might have accidentally bought Head & Shoulders and he just doesn't realize it yet. Ha.

I am only five pages into my Maryland Civ Pro outline, even though I worked on it all yesterday and half of today. I spent the other half of today trying to get our house in order. The entire month of January has just knocked me down, and as a result, we had no clean laundry, no clean silverware, and suitcases still lying on the floor, half-unpacked.

And I would officially like to report a moment of success:


I have ... (drumroll please)... Finished. All. The. Laundry.

All of it.


That is what the bottom of my laundry basket looks like. (I had forgotten.)

After such a domestic success, I was on a roll...

I made dinner, too.


Real dinner. On the stove. With pots and pans, even.


And it was actually moderately healthy.

(Chicken with green beans and barley)

And, to boot, all the well-fed tummies in my house took a nice long (QUIET) nap this afternoon.


The nap did not last, of course, but his behavior has been less-than-completely-depraved today, so I am happy. I opened the blinds earlier, which helped to distract him from pestering me nonstop while I was working on outlines. (Owning a small dog is sort of like having an eternal toddler.)


Of course, the universe took notice of how well things were going. And the universe struck back.


After a quick prayer, I tore the envelope open and braced myself for the worst. But alas! All is well!


I get to use my laptop to take the Bar. Whew.

All this good karma is going to catch up with me eventually. I'll probably fall down the stairs in my heels again or something. (Did I mention I did that? At work? Yes, it was a brilliant moment for me.) But for now, I'm through playing catch up from Christmas, and I'm happy. My house is as clean as its going to get, and all of the household appliances I own are running simultaneously (Washer? Check. Dryer? Check. Dishwasher? Check.)

And I started a new project: the February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman's book.


I've tried to make this sweater before, and the lace pattern always stumps me, so this time, I'm going to make it without the lace pattern -- just stockinette straight down from the collar. Right now, I'm just past the second buttonhole, and loving it. Very simple, very straightforward.

(See the buttonholes?)

Except I just realized what the color of this yarn reminds me of.


Pepto Bismol. Rats.


knittinkitties said...

please tell me you had something nasty for dessert??!!!?! like ben n jerry's?? Ya only live once!

Erica said...

pretty sweater - even if it does make my stomach feel better just by looking at it. I'm jealous that you're able to knit and study for the bar. my knitting has fallen by the wayside. I need to take pictures of my selbuvotter to show you!