Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Story of The Jake

For the past few weeks, Sophie has been demanding that we sing very specific songs to her, and she will get ANGRY if we sing the wrong one.  But occasionally (oh, who am I kidding... OFTEN), we can't figure out what song she's asking for.  Or worse, she's saying it perfectly clearly, and we just don't know the song.  ("Ouchie song" is one that comes to mind.  Anyone ever heard the Ouchie Song?)

The one that really had us stumped for weeks was one that Sophie referred to as "Joo Jake."  Joo Jake, Mommy! Joo Jake!!  I would apologize and ask her to please sing it for me so I know how it goes, Sophie!   But no luck, she didn't want to sing it, she wanted ME to sing it.

After weeks of cries for Joo Jake! Joo JAKE!, I had finally had enough.   The curiosity was killing me -- what is this song she loves so much?

Then, one night at dinner, she surprised us by reciting a prayer of grace that she apparently had learned at school.  It went something like this: 

What we say
When we eat
Thank you for this food today
God bless
1, 2, "Fwee"
Now we eat!

I was so enamored that I wrote to the director the next day and asked her if I could have a copy of the prayer from their curriculum book.  She called me back and let me talk to the teacher directly, and the teacher explained that she would just write the little mealtime prayer on a piece of paper for me.  Right before I hung up, I had a flash of brilliance: WAIT! Sophie sings this song... she calls it Joo Jake? I can't for the life of me figure out what she's saying.... Do you know the song she's talking about?

The teacher laughs and says, "Oh, you mean Do The Jake!  Yeah, that's a good one."

Do The Jake?  I asked her to write it down for me also.  And then, because I am the type of parent who apparently is not afraid to humiliate a poor preschool teacher, I asked her to sing it to me on the phone.  And it goes like this:

(To the tune of Skip To My Lou)
I see a girl with a [color/design] shirt on
I see a girl with a [color/design] shirt on
I see a girl with a [color/design] shirt on
And her name is Sophie!

Sophie, do a little dance [or do the Jake]
Sophie, do a little dance [or do the Jake]
Sophie, do a little dance [or do the Jake]
Now its time to sit back down.

So, of course, once I actually sing "The Jake" song for Soph, she is utterly enthralled and demands me to sing it OVER and OVER and over again.  And we do, because its fun, and because during the second verse where Sophie is instructed to "do the Jake" she jumps around and dances like a wild thing.  Its very cute.

The next day, after a good four hour evening of nonstop Jake Dance, I mentioned to one of Scarlett's teachers in the baby room that we'd learned this fun new song called Do the Jake.  She looked at me with a strange look, and said she'd never heard of that song.  So I sang it for her.  And she laughed and said:

"Its not the Jake, its do a little JIG."

Oh.  Right. I knew that.

(I'm pretty sure it wasn't me that got the pronunciation wrong, since the teacher wrote out the song for me on a sheet of paper and she very clearly wrote "Jake," but still I am sort of wondering if I should have been intelligent enough to figure that out...)

(Clearly I wasn't intelligent enough to make that connection....)

(We still sing it as "do the Jake" because it is funnier that way and because Sophie likes it.)

Do the Jake, everybody!