Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Steven can testify -- I'm terrible at planning for holidays.  I end up shopping for Christmas at the last minute, I never manage to prepare a good Valentines' Day gift, and I'm just not the greatest celebrator, in general.
So, as you might imagine, I was surprised and delighted when I remembered three weeks ago to buy Easter basket stuff for Sophie's first Easter.  (Nana sent us the outfits, of course -- I'm not organized enough to buy Easter baskets AND cute clothes - come on, people!)
I used to chalk up the lack-of-holiday-preparedness to the fact that it seemed silly to do Easter baskets when it was just Steven and I.  (I obviously can't use the same excuse for Christmas....hmm.)  But having a little one in our family now has really changed my perspective on things, and I find myself wanting to make the extra effort to celebrate, to establish traditions, and to make holidays memorable for her in the same way that they were memorable for me growing up.  (Yes. I realize she is only 6 months old and will not be able to (a) consume any of the candy in her [my] Easter basket, or (b) remember any of today at all... Don't burst my bubble.)
So when we managed to get up, dressed, and out the door this morning for a Sunrise Service at church, I was beaming.  (I was, indeed, awake at 5 AM putting shredded green plastic grass into a wicker basket, but those are minor details that we don't really need to focus on right now, do we....)
I had some mighty adorable shoes to go with my Easter dress.  They were mighty tasty too.
We came home, after picking up some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, to a stunningly beautiful morning, perfect for pictures.
And now Soph is splayed out on my lap, asleep, in her Easter snuggly romper, and its not even noon yet.  I often write here about how difficult things are, or how little sleep I've gotten, or my other general complaints of malaise...

But I can honestly say that from the first millisecond of today, its been absolutely, breathtakingly perfect.

I'm going to go knock on wood now, because having just written that sentence, I've basically kicked Fate in the shins..... Hoppy Easter, everybody, and may you have at least one perfect day for every six months of complete and utter, sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden chaos!