Monday, January 7, 2008

New Shoes, New Blisters, and a Newbie

Steven used his American Eagle gift card yesterday at the mall. While he was trying on the shirt he ended up buying, I noticed something glorious. Now, I'm not one to notice things in a mall store beyond the loud, weird soundtrack and the teenyboppers everywhere (Dear Lord, I'm getting old...), but I just happened to glance at a display on the side wall, and there, to my utter disbelief, were nearly 50 pairs of the most adorable printed ballet flats I have ever seen. And people, they were $11 a pair.


Obviously I had no choice in the matter. They had to be bought.


And then they had to be worn. And we all know what new shoes can do to you. No pain, no fashion gain. (Ouch. See that?)


This morning was my court appearance in the courthouse-that-was-really-far-away. My apologies for the vagueness, but part of me is still scared of the deepest-reaches-of-the-internets-and-the-scary-folk-that-are-waiting-there-to-find-out-what-places-I-go-to-so-they-can-steal-my-identity-like-in-that-Sandra-Bullock-movie.

Anyways. So I'm at the Courthouse-Which-Will-Remain-Nameless, and guess who I saw! Ron Hur! Yay! He walked up to me, and I was looking down writing notes on my very professional and lawyerly-looking legal pad, and he goes, "Heather?" And I looked up and said, "Hey!!" And I promptly jumped up and gave him a big hug. Which I believe may have really really embarrassed him. Lots. Ron, if you read this by any chance: So sorry about that. Next time we will just shake hands like a professional public defender and civil litigator would do. Right? Right.

Once they opened the courtroom doors and everyone started walking into the courtroom, I headed up toward the front row. (There is an unspoken rule -- or maybe its spoken and I just didn't know about it until November-ish -- that only attorneys can sit in the front row of Virginia courtrooms.) I plopped down in the front row, my big red bag full of files and papers and my very-lawyerly legal pad. I started flipping through my folder to look at my docket list, and I started to feel people looking at me kinda funny. I looked up and realized that the rest of the front row had slowly filled up with the other attorneys. And they were all men. And they were all about 65 years old.

And they were all itching to say, "Excuse me, ma'am, but this row's reserved for the lawyers." :) It made me smile. But it made me nervous, too. I mean, I'm young, I'll be the first to admit it. Part of me thinks, hey, I put in the hours, I did all the schooling, I studied my brains out, I passed the bar, I can SO do this. But then the entire pew of 65-year-old men-in-suits stares me down, and suddenly I feel like I'm just some girl who posts pictures of her polka-dotted shoes on the internet. (Oh wait...)

The whole appearance only took like 15 minutes, and it felt good to be able to stand up and say good morning to the judge and prove that I was, in fact, sitting in the right row. :) Not that I'm trying to prove anything, but was a good moment.

Back at home, my minimalist Christmas decor (read: the only thing I put up that was remotely Christmassy) is still up.

Christmas decor


And Pringles says he needs a nap.

Pringles is sleepy

I'm trying to be virtuous and eat healthy, because that is what you are supposed to do in January.


But I bought snacks for the puppysitters, expecting them to eat it all up. And when they didn't finish off all of it, well...


A big glass of skim milk cancels these out, right?


The Mulvihills said...

Heather!! I bought those EXACT SAME SHOES a few months ago and got such bad blisters while I was wearing them (by coincidence walking at the mall) that I returned them directly off my feet and wore the extra flip flops that were in Jay's stroller. I'm sure the clerk thought I was crazy. I feel your pain!

Jaimy Lewis said...

heather, i wish i could have been there to see the old men staring you down, followed by the looks on their faces when it was your turn. way to represent GMU ladies! :)

tori in cali said...

I would have gotten in so much trouble if these old lawyer dudes had been giving me the evil eye. See cause I would waited to catch one of them staring at me and said something like " can I help you ", " what are you looking at" or after i said "good morning judge " I would have looked directly at the oldest and grumpiest and said gasping with disbelief " she's a lawyer? " your so profesional heather i should be more like you

tracy said...

What a great story about the old men in court. :) I second Jaimy's comment about wishing we could have been there to see that!