Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Hats!

We're getting mighty close now to Scarlett's arrival.  I'm not sure I'm nesting, since there's a sink full of dirty dishes that I'm actively avoiding right now.  However, I have had the itch to start a ton of new projects, so perhaps that's how my nesting urge presents itself.
On a whim, I stopped by the yarn store one day last week and picked up some red and pink yarn.
I wasn't quite sure what I'd use it for, but this little heart hat stuck in my head, and I decided that both of my girls needed one.
I think I'm going to make Scarlett's hat in reverse colors: mostly pink with red hearts.  That way, we can tell the hats apart by more than just size.
I have grand visions of two little girls in pink onesies, posing for a Valentines' Day picture with their matchy-matchy heart hats.
If I had more time, I'd make little stripey red and pink Baby Legs to go with them.
But alas, I am running short on time, and I still have to do things like: work full time, feed and clothe a toddler, and just generally make sure that my house is in some semblance of order before we are all struck by the chaos that naturally follows a newborn home from the hospital.
I am hoping this little hat fits Sophie for a while.  Its a bit tall for her head, so perhaps that will make it longer-wearing for her as she grows?
I might add a pom pom to the top.  Do we think that would make it cuter?
For anyone who wants to make this pattern, I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino on size 4 DPNs and did not alter the pattern at all.  I am surprised that the "adult" size fits my 15 month old's head.
Perhaps she has a big noggin to hold in all them brains.
It was a fun, very fast knit, and it reminded me that I should stick to small projects for, I don't know, the next 18 years or so, if I want to ever have anything to show for my knitting time.
In other Sophie news, she will now reliably respond to "I love you!" by saying "Youuuu!" and pointing back to you.  Its precious, and I am taking her "Youuuu!" to mean "I love you too!"

We got all of the baby stuff out of the basement this weekend, and Sophie immediately took to the infant bouncy seat like we'd bought it from La-Z-Boy just for her.
She likes to lounge in it and watch TV. I fear she may not let Scarlett use it when she arrives.
I'm 38 weeks this week.  Only one more OB office visit and then we check into the hospital to have this baby.  I am in such denial that I have not even packed a hospital bag yet.  Because I have plenty of time left to do that.  And to knit a matching hat for Scarlett.  Right?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Ten Minute Hairstyle

(Not how long the pigtails took to do, but how long they survived little toddler grabby hands...)

This morning was Sophie's second time in pigtails in all of her fifteen months.
You know I'm cute.  I know I'm cute. Let's all just acknowledge it.

She looked so stinking cute, and I think she thought so too.  The problem with the pigtails is that, while they are extraordinarily adorable, they are much like a sighting of Haley's Comet -- you get a glimpse and then you blink and its gone, and you've got to wait a really, really long time for the next sighting.
I didn't realize how long her hair has gotten until we did these pigtails today - she's nearly got enough hair for a regular ponytail.
Although we still do have a long-bangs-resembling-a-mullet problem.
Plus, she has these incredibly wild and untame-able cowlicks.  I tried to comb her hair with a wet comb to flatten them down.  It sort of worked.  For ten minutes anyway.
By the time she rode in her carseat over to Target, the pigtails and any attempts to comb down her wild hair were long gone.
Like, Mom, I am totally still cute even when I have crazy hair.

Oh well.  At least I have documented proof of how cute the pigtails looked while they lasted.
Maybe we'll try a hairstyle again in another 6 months or so. :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whereupon An Enormous Pregnant Lady Cooks Christmas Dinner

This Christmas, I had both a turkey in the oven and a bun in the oven.  (Cue cymbal crash -- she'll be here all week, folks.  Try the veal.)
What do you do when you are 9 billion months pregnant and you still want to make something nice for Christmas dinner so your poor family won't have to eat Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner (again)?
You figure out the simplest possible way to do it.  Read: boxed and canned foods only, please.
(She's only one.  She'll never know the mashed potatoes came from a shelf in the pantry.)
I did actually make a turkey, but I put the least possible effort into it.  Washed it, stuck some butter under the skin, salt and peppered it and threw it in the oven.  Done in 2.5 hours (it was a very small turkey).
For our side dishes, we had canned green beans, the aforementioned mashed potatoes from a box, Stovetop Stuffing, McCormick's turkey gravy from the packet,  and cranberry sauce (you guessed it) straight from the can.  Steven proclaimed it all delicious and his favorite meal that I make.  (I chose not to take offense at this, given that I've made lots of things from scratch before and spent much more time and energy than I did on this....hey, if it makes my family happy, I'm happy.)

On a separate note, these pictures really do give you an idea of what a gymnastic task it can be to carve a turkey when you have a basketball in your belly.  (Cooking while pregnant means almost inevitable food smudges on your shirt, in the lower belly area.  Its unavoidable.)
Its so funny to see these pictures of my rather zaftig self, because I don't feel nearly that large, even though my belly now enters the room before anything else does.
Its so hard to believe that Scarlett will be here in barely four weeks from now.
I hope she likes cranberry sauce in a can.  Because that's what we serve around here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handknits for Sophie

A blurry photograph is proof that you have a toddler.
I think they probably invented high-speed shutters and flashes for parents of young children, because they just won't stand still long enough for a decent picture!
Its sort of like chasing the Yeti.  You get a glimpse, an idea, a shape-shifting shadow of a cute baby.
An adorable blur.
I am chasing my Mini-Bigfoot around with the camera to try to show you the handknit sweater that her Grammy gave her for Christmas.  (It also has matching knit leggings, but in the same way that she won't stand still for a picture, she will only stand still for a limited number of clothing items.  I managed to get this outfit on her before I ran out of time and she ran out of toddler-patience).

Side note:  She has started doing a funny new thing, where she tries to hold as many items in her hand as she can.  In the picture below, you can see she has a pacifier and a piece of torn paper in one hand, which is making it difficult for her to lift the rather heavy toy with her other hand.
A multi-tasker after my own heart.
Second side-note:  "Toddler Patience" can be counted in milliseconds. On one hand.
She finally stood still long enough to chew some cardboard from one of her Christmas toys.  I encouraged this, for the purpose of obtaining a clear photograph.  (I'm fairly certain they are crossing my name off of the Mother Of The Year nomination sheet right now...)
Finally, after she'd run several laps around the house and consumed most of the remaining toy packaging from Christmas, she sat down with her pacifier and I got a couple more pictures.
Exhaustion.  Basically the only thing that will slow a 14-month-old baby down.
Thank you, Grammy, for the lovely sweater dress!  Clearly she likes it and enjoys wearing it (and running wild through the house in it...)  I wish I could have taken better pictures for you, but it fits beautifully and looks great!
Maybe I'll put it back on her after she falls asleep and try again. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with a Toddler

Although this isn't technically Sophie's first Christmas, this was the first one where she could actively participate, and we had a total blast.  Having a toddler on Christmas is a whirlwind experience marked with tiny pieces of wrapping paper strewn all about the house, but the concept of "opening presents on Christmas morning" also sort of makes me feel like an incredibly inconsistent parent.  More on that in a minute...But first, a cute and tired kid in adorable too-big Christmas PJ's.
Alright, I'm up. Are we doing this Christmas thing or what?

Whoa! You guys got me an All-Clad Belgian Waffle maker for Christmas? I'm the luckiest toddler on the block! (Just kidding, people.  It's mine, care of Steven Steele, who always goes above and beyond in his gift-giving ability...)

So, we sit down in the living room to "do Christmas." And of course, as a first-time parent, you are trying to stage the Happy Christmas Moment photos, where your grinning kid holds up the perfect gift, or perhaps hugs it to his or her chest in glee.
We got more of an ambivalent attitude from our sweet baby.  And this is why I feel so inconsistent as a parent -- we spent the last 30 days or so, repeatedly telling her NOT to touch the presents: "Don't rip the bows, honey!" "Don't tear the paper!"  "Stop picking at the presents, Sophie!"

Um, I'm touching these and you aren't doing anything to stop me...what is going on here?

No, seriously, I'm about to rip this open.  Is that ok?

Needless to say, she was amazed that we'd suddenly changed our tone: "Go ahead, Sophie, tear the paper!  Rip it to shreds, dear! Go for it!"
I sense this confuses young children, somewhat.  She mostly let us open the presents for her (you know, the whole plausible deniability thing and all...)

You know she's thinking: If I just sit here and watch you open them, then you can't get upset about the paper being torn.  Hah.  I win.

Once they were opened, however, she started to get more into the spirit.
Elmo shirt!

Let's see, how much did Daddy pay for this shirt?

After Dad helped her open a few presents, we traded off the photog duties so that I could open a few with her also.

The fun thing that we decided to do this Christmas was that both Steven and I bought gifts for Sophie, but we didn't tell each other what we'd bought.  So, opening gifts from Steven to Sophie was a surprise for me, also!
Daddy hit the motherlode with the Elmo gifts.  She nearly refused to open any more presents, because she just wanted to go ahead and play with the Elmo stuff, already.

However, the next day, she did seem to enjoy her new dolly stroller from Mommy, too!

I'm glad I got a rather sturdy stroller for her, because she drags it right over anything in its way.  Dolly off-roading.

Yeah! Stroller!

Nana and Pop got her a ride-on horsey, which she really likes, but she can't figure out how to swing her leg over the side to actually get onto the horse.
What, you said to sit on it?  I am sitting on it!

She also likes her new dollhouse, but mostly because the second story of the dollhouse is also a nice place to sit.

But, at the end of the day, Elmo always wins out.

Grammy and Grandpa sent Sophie a beautiful crocheted dress that matches her cousin, Kate, which I will show you in a separate post in a few days!

Merry Toddler Christmas!