Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ah, that's better

Today feels much better.

Took the dogs on a morning walk. (I say morning, but it was closer to noon when I actually woke up and went outside.) We saw the Urban Jungle.

The Urban Jungle

Which is actually just this weird grouping of potted plants that some crazy neighbor of mine has outside on their little patio. Every day its different, and there are more or fewer plants outside. I suppose it has something to do with the weather, but wouldn't it be a chore to move your plants inside and outside every single day? Very odd.

Mr. Urban Jungle had only a few plants outside today (when its really warm, he has like 15 plants out there), which was surprising, because I thought it was warm enough to walk the dogs in shorts.

Here's Lookin at You Kid

Shorts and a wool coat, that is.


I realized when I was outside that its rather rare for me to see the light of day at noon, since I'm usually hunched over a computer. I ate it up.


Someone striped this fire hydrant.


Someone else put up balloons.


The pups fought over who could sniff a certain spot. (Their little heads are so blonde that they blend together.)


After my little jaunt in the sunlight, Steven and I decided to go use a few of our Christmas gift cards. There may have been some fabulous shopping.


(A dog after my own heart.)


I came to a logical conclusion last week: if one has to go to court three times in a week and one only owns two suits, Friday is going to be a rather smelly day.

And I just happened to see three of my favorite words on a sign in Ann Taylor. ("Seventy. Percent. Off.")


Clearly I needed to own this.


Steven says I now own "more pantsuits than Janet Reno."


But I'm fairly certain Janet Reno owns more than three pantsuits. And I also hereby choose not to be offended by this comparison. I'm pretty sure SJP owns a few pantsuits as well (even though I was unable to actually find a single picture documenting such).

But I'm sure she owns some. She just chooses not to be photographed in them. Right?

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Matt said...

Hey! Haven't talked to you in a long time, but it looks like everything is going well.

I'm just curious--what kind of camera are you using? The pictures are great. I'm looking for a new camera and need some ideas.