Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Exciting At All

Quick note to myself:

Agency/Pship outline needs Maryland specifics
Commercial law needs full outline (or maybe just MD specifics?)
Family Law - outline partially complete
Professional Responsibility - needs full outline
Contracts/Sales - needs MD specifics
Evidence - needs MD specifics
Torts - needs MD specifics

Goals: Do at least 3 essay questions between now and when my head hits the pillow Friday night.

To all concerned parties -- I could quite possibly drop off the face of the map here for a month or so. Maybe Steven will keep you informed during that time. I will negotiate this matter with him.

:) Send one up to the Big Guy for me, if you think of it.


Robin Leach (Voice Over Guy) said...

(Voice Over Guy)
Everyday she seems to live in the lap of luxury when she drives to work in her Mazda 3. There is even bottled water waiting for her on her floorboards in case she is thirsty.

Erica said...

Doug just told me that there are only four more Wednesdays left. We were trying to work out a study schedule that doesn't make me want to puke. FOUR. I need like 8.

champagne wishes and caviar dreams...

it was fun seeing you today, and your fancy office!