Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Keep on truckin...

I was just telling Steven that it feels like we haven't stopped moving since we got back from Minnesota and it was suddenly January 2008. He agrees, and he also would like to mention that, technically, if you consider your heart beating and your lungs moving, you actually haven't stopped moving. :) (Insert the joke-drumroll here.)

I'm headed to another courthouse tomorrow. I brought home my trusty legal pad just in case.


There's still a little more prep-work to be done. I have to fill out the witness questions so I'll be ready for an ex parte proof hearing if we need to do one - a fancy way of saying I need to figure out the exact numbers. (This will involve much math. Hence the trusty legal pad for much mathematical scribbling.)


But its already 8-something at night, so I am hereby giving myself a little down time before I look at the files for the last time this evening. And guess what happened to arrive in the mail today?


Whee! So now I can finish the thumb of my mitts, and maybe even start a new pair with the leftovers. I was thinking about changing the white-and-pink mitts to brown-and-pink mitts instead, but I'm not sure I love the colors together.


I'm so indecisive when it comes to making things for other people. I can never decide what they will like. Maybe I'll just leave them as-is with the white and pink. (This is scintillating stuff, I know. I bet you're all on the edge of your seats.) Any thoughts?

So, its me and the Baby Cashmerino for an hour or so while Steven and I watch the New Hampshire primaries come in, and then its back to work to finalize everything for court tomorrow.


And then I guess I'll just keep on truckin along. I think there are actually two court appearances (in two different courts!) scheduled for Friday. If I end up going on both of those (probably with the help of another attorney -- the morning docket is a doozy), that's four courts in one week. Talk about throwing you to the sharks, eh? :)

Or maybe we are the sharks? I think I may be getting my metaphors confused again. . .

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The Mulvihills said...

I like the brown with pink! So fab!