Monday, September 27, 2010

Grumble Grumble (But With Lists!)

Grumble grumble grumble.  39 weeks and no progress.  I have an appointment tomorrow, so this is just me being my grumbly little (or not so little) self, because who knows, I could go into labor tomorrow and be eating jello and mystery meat at the hospital before you know it.

But as of right now, I feel like she's going to be in there forever.  Like that kid with the big glasses from The Sandlot said it.  "Forever. And ever. And ever."

So what do we do while we're waiting for the inevitable to occur?  Why, the same thing we did while waiting for the bar exam to be over:  We Make Lists!

Typically, I find myself making a list of "Things I Will Do Once [Insert Much Anticipated/Dreaded Event] Is Finally Over With."  For the bar exam(s), I wanted to do anything but read and study.  So my list of "Things I Will Do After The Bar Exam" was full of things like knitting log cabin blankets (We will not ask if this project is finished yet.  We just won't.), and homemade cookies and long dawdling strolls around Old Town Alexandria.  And really anything that didn't require me to read words from a page.

So for this go round, do I have a list of "Things I Will Do Once This Baby Is Born (So Hurry Up Already, Baby)"?

Why yes, yes I do.

Things I Will Do When The Baby Is Born And I'm Blissfully Not Pregnant Anymore:

(1) Put on socks like a normal human being, instead of like a contortionist at the circus.  Same for underwear, tights, pants, and anything that requires me to balance on one leg to put on.

(2) Run!  Jump!  Do Something Other Than Waddle!  Seriously though, I really miss running a whole lot.  There's a great running trail along my commute, and I keep seeing runners every evening on my drive home.  It was bad enough in the summer when they were out there flying down the road in their shorts and sports bras, but now that they've broken out the official "Fall Running Gear" (which is primarily made of black boot-cut spandex), I am so jealous, I can't see straight.  I realize I'm not going to hit the trails on day one, post-partum, but I know there will come a day when I can lace up my running shoes and get back out there.  And I seriously can't wait.

(3) Speaking of shoes, I would like to be able to wear my heels again.  I bought some Aerosoles black patent leather flats for my "work shoes" to wear whilst pregnant.  And once I have this baby and my feet return to their (somewhat) normal size, I am going to burn those shoes in effigy.  (Plus, my stinky bare feet have resided in them all summer.  It may take a hazmat crew to get rid of the remains.)

(4) Read a magazine on the couch without holding it up in the air.  This is one I never really considered until I had a huge belly and sat down on the couch one night to browse a magazine.  Turns out, if you put the magazine in your lap, you can't see the bottom half of the page because it is BLOCKED BY YOUR ENORMOUSNESS.  And if you put the magazine far down enough on your legs to be able to read the bottom of the page, the magazine is too far away to read.  Solution?  You either balance the magazine on your belly or you hold it up in the air until your arms get tired.  Even now as I type this, I can't see the whole mousepad on my computer.  Its like a belly eclipse.

(5) Yoga.  Yeah, yeah, I know they have pregnancy yoga videos and all that.  Blah.  I've seen them.  Ladies with big bellies, sitting in chairs, leaning from side to side and doing breathing exercises.  Boo.  I miss real yoga.  I miss getting into enough of a habit of doing my yoga video that I could really feel myself getting more limber.  I miss being able to touch my toes.  (Heck, I miss being able to see my toes, for that matter.)  I miss having balance and feeling poised and being able to stand on one leg without feeling like the hippo from Fantasia.

(6) Taking Pictures Of Something Cuter Than My Huge Gut.  Yes, I know everyone loves a good belly picture, and I'm no exception.  But how can it possibly compare to the cuteness of an actual newborn?  (And really, how many pictures of my ever-expanding belly can the world really handle?  I think I've tortured you people enough already.  It will soon be time to redeem myself with pictures of newborn baby cheeks.)  Plus, you can't really put cute hairbows on my girth.  It would just look.... odd.

So that's what you get this week instead of pictures.  Because the camera is in the hospital bag, and the hospital bag is in Steven's car.  And so is the car seat.  And the room is all ready and there's nothing left to wash and the people at work are starting to beg me to stay home so they don't have to follow me around with a precautionary mop crew.

And if I have to sit here and mull over my vast and varied false labor symptoms much longer, I feel a mean streak of online shopping coming on.... A girl can only take so much waiting, you know.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two-ish Weeks to go...

And I'm trying not to pay attention to every little tweak in my stomach.  Because it's nothing, right?  I'm just imagining things...

Anyway!  Let's see, what have I been doing?  I knitted a hat for Violet Salvia, partially because I wanted to see how the pattern would turn out, and partially because I figured Violet's mom would enjoy having some additional photography props. :)


(I realize now that it's sort of a difficult color to photograph.  Oh well.)


I'm making a teal-colored one for Sophie.  Because what baby doesn't need an unreasonable amount of woolen hats?

I've also been scavenging her room for any remaining tasks to be done.  Diaper pail unboxed and set up? Check.  Clothes washed and put away? Check.  Additional crib sheets on bed and cradle? (thanks mom!) Check.


Pacifiers boiled?  Check.  Feeling a bit like a crazy person for having done this?  Double check.

We've also been practicing our diapering skills.... on Carlie.  She has some fabulous doggie diapers that were specially made for her by a neighbor friend.

We're getting pretty quick at it, especially if you consider that she tries to run away during the diapering process.
So, there's football on the TV, the washing machine and dishwasher are both running, the whole house but me is napping, and can I just have this kid already, please?

 :)  Somebody is trying to teach me patience, methinks.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over, Part Deux

So I've got about a billion pictures to show you from the baby shower yesterday.  Be forewarned, this is an enormously picture-heavy post. :)  Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way -- I am so excited to show you all the fabulous stuff that everyone did for the shower!  Once again, I am just so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who take the time and thoughtfulness to put something together just for me (and Sophie!)
Erica, Tracy, and Amy did such a great job hostessing.  The food was delicious - Honeybaked Ham with rolls, cinnamon apples, sweet tea and lemonade, crudites, hummus with pita chips, and CAKE!
No seriously, we had CAKE.  It was awesomely huge.  About half of it is still in my fridge (for now.... I intend to eat a piece every single day till I go into labor, if it lasts that long... :)
The guests all signed a special photo with well wishes.
I'm going to keep the purple pen with the photo, so all the grandparents can sign it when they come into town.
Steven bought lovely flowers the night before the shower.
And then Erica brought MORE gorgeous flowers!  I adore having fresh flowers in my house - I wish I would think to do this more often.
We even had balloons on the mailbox!
As you can plainly see, I am rather excited to be having this shower. (Also pictured - the Diaper Cake that Amy made for me!)
Tracy brought her sweet baby Charlotte (Charley for short); she was only six weeks old!  Sitting next to Tracy is Jaimy - she is going to start working with me at our office starting this coming week!
Steven came back right as the shower was wrapping up, and I introduced him to little Charley, and then I realized that she is as old as Sophie will be when I have to go back to work.  Hoo boy.  Not really ready for that realization yet....
My neighbor Tina and her 7-yr old daughter, Avary, came for the shower.  Avary was so very cute and helpful with all of my gifts.  Each one I opened, she wanted an explanation: "What's that?  What is it for? What does it do?"  (These questions got tricky when I opened things like breastfeeding pads and Lansinoh cream...)
It was so very fun to open all the presents - I was just smitten with everything.
As we were opening gifts, the doorbell rang and a Fed Ex arrived from Steven's mom and sister!
Grammie Steele made Sophie a prayer shawl blanket - I read the card to Avary, and she loved it.
 I will give you a better close up of what Jenny sent me later in the post.  I have such fabulously talented and crafty friends and family!
Mom sent some gifts in the mail from Janie&Jack - I'll show you close ups further down in this post.
So very cute!
Also, this must be my "look how cute!" face, because I think I made this face in every picture. (PS, the excellent photography was provided by Erica and her shiny new camera with the super fast shutter speed.  I have lens envy.)
Speaking of Erica, she had been telling me that she was making something special for the shower, and I secretly hoped that she might be sewing something fabulous.  And sure enough, I was totally blown away - this is the first quilt that she has ever made.  (She's an overachiever, clearly. :)
You can also see in this picture below the Bingo game that Amy organized - I partially played the game, but mostly just ate the Hershey's kisses... :)
So after all the guests departed, I took all of the gifts up to Sophie's room for their glamour shots.
Seriously, isn't this a stunning quilt? I just love it.
She did a freestyle quilting leaf pattern on the back - can you see it?  My fabric photography skills are somewhat lacking.
The fabrics and colors are so so perfect!
This is exactly what I imagined for Sophie's room - only better than I possibly could have done it.  I should apologize to Sophie because as of this moment, I have no intention of letting her put her grubby little mitts on it! :)  It's too pretty to let a baby drag it around the house!
Come to think of it, all of the handcrafted gifts I got are really too beautiful to be subjected to snotty noses and spit up!   Steven's sister Jenny made this gorgeous blanket for us - its cushy and wonderful!
I tried to take pics to show both sides of the blanket.
I probably crumpled it up like this carrying it from room to room for the best lighting. (Sorry Jenny!  It was beautifully ironed when I got it out of the box!)
Jenny also made me these fabulous diaper/burp cloths!  I love them!  (Shameless plug - Jenny sells some of her beautiful wares on Etsy as Motifdesigns.  Her main business is instrument polishing cloths, but I bet if you asked nicely, she'd make and sell you some of these beautiful burp cloths too!)
Here's our adorable clothes hamper, courtesy of my brother Matt and his wife Kristen.
My 4-yr old nephew Jay sent Sophie some hair bows, and....
Some jellies!  He also sent an adorable handwritten (hand-crayoned) card, which I am putting directly onto the fridge.
I realized that I never showed you the other hand-made items from my work shower, so here are a few blankets crocheted by the secretaries:
They are crocheted borders sewn onto a piece of flannel.
And they also made me one fully crocheted blanket - so pretty!
Sophie has gotten some fabulous books - here is her library to date:
And here are some close-ups of her Janie&Jack wardrobe, thanks to Nana and Pop Huff!
The littlest pumpkin!
This dress has yorkshire terriers embroidered onto it! Love!
And here's one with tiny poodles made from french knots!
A monkeys onesie!  With ruffle sleeves!
And, as we all know how much Sophie loves cupcakes:  my little cupcake!
Complete with cupcake socks!
And a precious white sweater with stripey pants!

And last but not least, a brown velour footie onesie that looks so comfortable, it makes me want to go buy a velour tracksuit for myself.
Steven especially appreciated this onesie.
Here's a closeup of the card that Grammie Steele sent with the prayer shawl.  Sophie is already being prayed over - I love that.
I managed to partially destroy Amy's beautiful diaper cake by moving it from one place to another, but here's the bottom two layers. 
I like the ribbons she picked out for it! So cute.
The cake was made from newborn and size one diapers.  I did not realize how tiny newborn butts must be.  Wow.

And as it turns out, I am surrounded by super crafty folks - my neighbor Tina made Sophie several personalized embroidered items!
One of my favorites?  The "take it up with my lawyer" bib.  This might be a daily wear...
It was also super precious to see a burp cloth that said "I will steele your heart!"  The second burp cloth says "Miss October."  We joked at the shower that Tina will revise it if Sophie doesn't wait that long... :)
Steven really loved getting to see Sophie's monogram on the tag blanket.  I love this idea - kids love the tags on clothing, so its a whole blanket with little tags sewn onto the sides for the baby to feel the different textures and shapes.
And she also made a sweet finger foods container and a sippy cup with Sophie's name and initial!
Doesn't it look so perfect paired with Jenny's blanket?
After I got it all unpacked, organized, and photographed, I realized that Sophie's little room is now complete.  I never thought the day would arrive.  We've come a long way from buying those cans of paint back in May or so....
And, just like clockwork, I started feeling some tiny contractions tonight.  Nothing huge, and nothing worth calling the doctor about.  I think part of me is just wishing her here as fast as possible.  It still seems so long till October, but I know its almost time!  Come on Sophie!  Everything is ready for you now!