Sunday, January 27, 2008

That's it...

Got this in the mail from the Maryland Bar people...


Did you catch that? Let me show you again:


That's it. I'm not studying anymore.


Made pizza last night and used my fun new measuring cups and spoons from Christmas.



Burnt the pizza a little. Accidentally on purpose forgot to take a picture. :)


Steven and I went to lunch today at "Dixie Bones," a BBQ place in Lorton. Steven and crew had eaten there for a work lunch last week, and he wanted me to try a certain dish they'd had. (Yes, this means that my homemade BBQ plans were delayed until later, but I maintain that this was mostly because I needed to go to the grocery and buy sandwich buns and ketchup, and not because Steven preferred this BBQ to mine. I insist.)

Dixie Bones was very southern and charming. It was also COMPLTELELY PACKED TO THE GILLS with people, resulting from two factors which I should have considered in advance: (a) it was Sunday, and (b) there was a barbeque buffet. If that's not a deadly combination, I don't know what is. When we finally got seated, we ordered the "loaded potato," which consists of the following coronary-inducing ingredients: one enormous baked potato, stuffed with sour cream and cheddar, and piled with shredded barbequed chicken. It was immensely delicious. Aaaand my pants no longer fit. Oh well.

PS - Goal for today is to finish the MD Professional Responsibility outline. I did two essays yesterday and a bunch of flashcards while we were waiting in the ridiculously small-and-glutted waiting area at the restaurant. The customers waiting with us were reading the flashcards over my shoulder, if that gives you any idea of the crowd. Ta-ta - I'm off to figure out how not to get sued for malpractice in Maryland.

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