Friday, January 11, 2008

Train Wreck

This is what it looked like in my car this morning, on the way to Fairfax.


This is what it looked like when I got home from work tonight.


This is what I look like at this very moment.


And this is the footwear of champions.


Today was a royal butt-kicking. Not necessarily me kicking other people's butts, but more of a getting-my-own-butt-kicked by one extremely busy day (and week, for that matter).

Pardon my brevity. I'm totally beat.

Today went as follows:

Court from 8ish to about 11:30ish.

Run to ChickFilA for lunch.

Eat waffle fries in car on way back to office.

Walk in door of office at noon and immediately receive 5729028942 tasks-that-must-be-finished-before-the-meeting-in-DC-at-2-PM.

Around 1:45 PM, realize that the ChickFilA sandwich is still in its little keep-me-warm bag. Realize that the bag, although intended to keep your sandwich warm, likely will not work for the hour-and-forty-five minutes during which it has sat on your desk, forgotten.

Eat it anyway. Quickly.

Around 1:47 PM, head to DC for meeting.

Meeting in DC from 2:30ish to about 5ish.

Mediation meeting in deeper DC from 5:30ish to about 9ish.

Dinner with client and boss after mediation from 9ish to about 10:30ish.

Drive back to office with boss to pick up car.

Drive home.

Take picture of wristwatch at about 11:20 PM to document that I truly lived this day and it wasn't just some crazy thing I dreamed up.

Granted, there was a little down time between meeting and mediation, during which Boss and I figured out how to use the speakerphone option on her cell phone. It was quite hilarious. I'm still not sure we could replicate whatever speakerphone function we finally happened across.

I wrote lots of thumb-emails to people (mostly to Steven, to update him on the ever-lengthening day as it progressed):


And maybe even worked on these for a few:


(No, I did not take off my high heels and model the half-finished sock during the meeting. Seriously. Who do you think I am?)

(Ok, maybe I did. But only once. And I put my shoe right back on afterwards.)


They're looking really cute, actually. I love this yarn. It's Colinette Jitterbug in the color Blue Parrot. A-dorable.


And I have determined that Boss is totally okay with the knitting idea. She told one of the clients, "oh yeah, knitting is so great -- professional football players even do it to lower their blood pressure." (I'm not completely certain this fact is true. But since its being used in my defense, I am not going to contest it.)


Unbeknownst to me, this week is DC Restaurant Week. I had no idea. As such, we decided that we'd go try one of the great restaurants in DC, a place called Bobby Vans' Grill.

I ordered a filet. It was as big as my head. I'm not kidding. That was some freak cow to produce that size of a filet. But it was fabulous. I brought half of it home to Steven.

Who, incidentally, I found at home looking kinda like this:


And maybe a little like this:


Now that I'm home and comfortable and its Friday... (ok, no, its Saturday now, but who the heck is counting anymore?)... I don't feel like this week was all that bad. Sure, it was a lot of work, but I like a good challenge, and I much prefer a full plate to being bored.

But then again, I know I was also supposed to have all of this done by today:


And, well, yeah. That didn't get done. So that's what will be happening for me this weekend. Should be a blast. Anyone up for some Multistate flashcards?

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Erica said...

it must have been something in the air yesterday. for me, yesterday was a giant, high speed train wreck. charlotte didn't sleep and instead screamed. doug came home from work at 6:45 and went back at 7:45 and came home at 3am. its the stinking post holiday time off rush! boo.

and now I turn my attention to the lesser known details of real property.

oh and you will be happy to know that I did not fail business associations. one down, one to go. then I can feel like I graduated for real.