Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Conversation with Sophie

Sophie is 20 months old now, and she has more and more words under her command every day.  She seems to wake up each morning with new words.  Its been such a funny transition, from being the person who maintains 100% of the dialogue with a baby Sophie, to now conversing with a little person who can talk back to me.  Here is a sampling of our conversation from this morning:

(I hear her yelling from behind her closed bedroom door)

"Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!"

(I open the door)

"Mommy! Hi Mommy, Hi Mommy!"

"Hi sweet girl, did you have a good rest this morning?"


"Do you want to go see your sissy?"

"Sissy.  Daddy. Downstairs?"

"Ok, let's go see your sissy and Daddy downstairs.  Do you want some breakfast?"

"Yeah.  Muk? (Milk?) Ceeyall? (Cereal?)

"Ok, I can get you some milk and cereal.  Can you sit in your high chair?"

(She runs over to the table, wants to sit in the booster seat at the table and not her high chair.)

"Chair? Chair? Milk? Cereal?"

(I put her in the booster seat)

"Bib!"  (she grabs a bib from the table and tries to put it on herself, then sees a hair clip on the table)

"Hair? Hair? Hep? (Help?) Hep?" (I help her put the clip in her hair)

"Pitty!" (Pretty!)

(I get her some milk and cereal in a bowl with a spoon.  She starts eating, and I go over to tend to Scarlett.  I hear Sophie then from the kitchen:)

"Fee, Four, Five, Six, Yaaaay!" (She is counting her Cheerios.) "Yaaay, School!" (She claps for herself, and counts the Cheerios several more times, applauding herself each time.)

"All done? Down? All done?"  (I go over to help her out of her booster seat) "Buck-a-den? Buck-a-den?" (This interpretation takes me an extra minute to figure out....)

"Buckled in?" (I ask her)


"Oh! Yes, Soph, you were buckled into your seat in the chair! Wow, smart girl!"

Daddy comes downstairs.

"Daddy! Hi Daddy! Up! Up!" (He picks her up!) "Go! Go!"

"Go where, Soph?"

"Whiss way? (This way?) Whiss way?" (She points to the door to the garage, she wants to go get in the car.)

We pack her in the car, and Soph and I have this exchange on the way to school:

"Emmo bid-oh? Emmo bid-oh?"

"Ok, you may watch ONE Elmo video."

"Watch it? Phone?" (She points to my phone.) "Watch it? Mah-sters? Mah-sters?"

(I am stumped. She wants to watch a specific video, which she is calling "Monsters"? Oh no. Which one IS that?? I try a couple of favorites?)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whiss One? (This one?) Whiss One?" (She points and chooses Patti LaBelle singing the Alphabet. I could not have translated that being the "Monsters" video. She watches it and then picks Feist next.  I am amazed that she can remember the videos she likes, AND that she can operate the iPhone to choose them.  She starts singing along:)

"Free, Four, Monsters!" (Feist sings, "one, two, three, four, monsters walking 'cross the floor." This must be the "Monsters" video she was referencing.) "Again? Again? Hep? Hep?"  (I help her re-start the video and she nods her little head and taps her feet.)

My little conversationalist! She is growing up so fast and she is such a bright little girl. I am constantly amazed at how much she can get her point across already, at only 20 months old!