Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

"Hello, is this the General District Court?"


"Good. Yes, I saw that it was snowing out. Big chunks of snow."


"Oh, you saw it too? Great. So, I was just wondering, since its really coming down out there and all..."


"And since the roads are just covered with snow..."


"Ok, maybe not covered, per se, but its been a goodly while since I've seen a plow or salt truck in these here parts..."


"I was just wondering if court might possibly (hopefully) be cancelled for the day?"


"Why? Oh.... well, actually..."


"Because my doggie misses me."

Missing You


It snowed here today, as you can plainly see. Big, beefy flakes of snow. Chuck Norris snow, people. And no, court was not cancelled. But wait, there is a positive side to this story -- my tires on my little car are so bald that I was worried I might not make it to the courthouse. I mentioned this fact to my boss, who promptly fished around in her purse and handed me THE KEYS TO HER VERY NICE AND RATHER EXPENSIVE SUV. :) After a mild protest, I hopped in her fantastic car with its 4-wheel drive and zipped right on down to the courthouse, no problem.

Someday I will own a car like that.

But first, I will own three new tires. For my car.

I brought a lot of work home tonight -- it just kept piling up and I couldn't get a spare second to go through it all. Its easier to sit and think at home, without all the distractions. I feel much better about it all, now that I've had a chance to actually go through all the files. However, this does mean that I have not done any BarBri tonight. It's only 9:15ish.... maybe I will do an hour of multiple choice.

Or maybe I will go drink a tall glass of warm milk and sleep. For 12 hours or so.



The Mulvihills said...

The roads look pretty good to me!:) To all of us crazy Minnesota drivers it takes at least six inches to slow us down!

Speaking of Chuck Norris, we saw him on TV last week when we were watching one of the primaries and at the same time Josh and I said, "It's Chuck Norris!" I think he has a larger fan base than most would think....

laura (knittinkitties) said...

oh my goodness that was hysterical!!!! I'd love to be like "can't make it cuz luna's playing with my hair and i can't break her creativity" hahahahaha