Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy To You! Sophie words: 20 months

"Dere Jay Mom!" (That's Jayden's mommy!) (first sentence!)

"Me! Me!" (points to her play house, wants me to sit in the playhouse - she picked this up because she would point to the house and I would say, "Me? You want me to go in there?")

"Up! Up!"


"Donsteers! Donsteers!" (downstairs!)

"Ahstiers!" (upstairs)

"Ahsigh!" (outside)

"Ahsigh don!" (upside down - she shows this by standing up, putting her head on the ground and looking backwards between her legs at you, upside down)

"Sower!" (shower)

"Bash!" (Bath)

"Sooes!" (Shoes)

"Kok!" (socks)

"Surt" (shirt)

"No!" (one of her favorite words)

"Not nice!" (also a favorite)

"Be nice!"

"Soller? Soller?" (stroller)

"Apple?" (open?)

"Bock-ock-key!" (Broccoli)

"Rameoney!" (ravioli)

"Muck?" (milk)

"Beegull? Beegull?" (bagel.  We have one each morning - she and I split it on the way to school.  I quit putting cream cheese on it because she always demanded to share and she always made a huge mess. I eat them dry now. The plight of a mommy.)

"Hi Car Yet" (hi scarlett)

"Baby!" or "Hi baby!"  (usually yelled at scarlett while she is sleeping, sometimes with a pat on the head from sophie)

My favorites are the things she spots on the road every morning when we drive to school:

"Ock-a-gon!" (a stop sign)

"Ga-ga-kackle!" (Motorcycle - she LOVES these - not sure why!)

"Ga-kackle!" (bicycle.  She has realized it has fewer syllables than motorcycle)

"Buh-sh!" (school bus)


"Wooo wooo wooo!" (anything with flashing lights or a siren)

"Kool! Kool!" (school - she says this when we drive into the parking lot at school)

"Hoooooome!" (She says this about 50 feet before we turn into our neighborhood - she has learned the streets!!)

"Hop Hop!" (IHOP.  What can I say, I like coffee and pancakes....)  She also calls it "Yay-ya" for her friend Layla who we happen to see there occasionally, dining with her family.

More Words:

"Ook."  (book)

"Bean-ket" (blanket)

"Pass-eee!" (paci)

"Fohn!" (Phone - she announces when she hears a phone ring.)

"Go! Gooooo!" (When she wants you to move somewhere - either out of her way, if you are blocking something she wants, or, if you are holding her, this is a demand to transport her in a certain direction, usually indicated by pointing, or if you are not moving fast enough for her, by LEANING in that direction and howling, Goooooooooooo!)

"Go! Way! Go! Way!"  (I have interpreted this as "Go this way!"  She shouted this at me as she sat in the doll stroller and demanded to be pushed around the house.  I'm really more of a bondservant than a mother in her estimation....)

"Yay don. YAY DON." (pointing to the pillow on her bed, this is her command that you, parent, must lay down with her in the bed until she falls asleep.  We pretend not to know what she is saying, and instead we say, "Yes, ok, your puppy can lay down with you, good job puppy, lay down!")

"Ay-pain! Ay pain! Choo choo! Choo choo!" (Airplane! She points at them and says choo choo.  It is too cute to correct.)

She is also counting from one to ten, although she does not know the numbers when she sees them - she has just memorized what it sounds like to say, "one, two, three...." and so on.

She is singing more songs than I could count - we have many toddler CD's in the car, she knows all the songs on all of them.  She knows several Jason Mraz songs, a Coldplay song, and a Chris Tomlin song, and she can sing along with the rhyming word at the end of each phrase.  Its amazing.  For example, the Jason Mraz song goes: "I won't give up ..... on...... love........ even if the skies ....... get.......... rough."  She sings "up, on,, get, rup" exactly on time and pitch with the music.  Same with things like "Where is Thumbkin," "Wheels on the bus," etc.  She also does hand motions for lots of them.

One of my favorite songs that she likes and sings often is the Happy Birthday song.  Except I like how she sings it even more than the original: She sings "Happpy To Youuuuu, Happy to Youuuu!"  And then she will say "kuh-cake!" because of course whenever she sings that song at school, the teachers hand out cupcakes because it is one of the kids' birthdays.  So the song and cupcakes obviously go hand in hand.

Happy To You!