Thursday, January 10, 2008

A picture of crazy...

This is what I looked like at work today:

Except maybe more crazy. And more papers. And none of the desk actually showing. And lots more coffee.

Tomorrow's docket for court is ridiculous. It's like 20 cases (usually there are 2, 4, maybe 6 on a big day...). Twenty-something cases, people.

And you know what the court does when you have twenty-something cases on the docket? That's right, you guessed it. You go last. The more cases you have, the further down you are on the list, because they want to get the people with one case out the door quickly.

And I have Twenty. Something. Cases.

Hooray! I am going to reward myself in advance by getting the World'sLargestCupOfCoffee beforehand. And then I am going to reward myself afterwards by working my rear end off and then going to a meeting in DC that starts (yes, starts) at 6 PM tomorrow night. Yay for me!

I'm too tired to go take pictures tonight. (I'm close to drooling on the computer. Be forewarned.) So you get some "found" pictures instead. Here are the happenings at Casa de Steele tonight:

Steven is researching old cars. He wants to buy one and fix it up. This will be difficult, given that: (a) we live in a 600 square foot apartment, (b) he has no power tools, (c) we have no driveway or garage, and (c) we are not exactly what you would call "experts" at automobile maintenance and/or refurbishing.

Meanwhile, he has decided that we need to get "something fabulous" for Jenny for her birthday (of which we will not mention the year, but let me tell you, its a fabulous birthday that deserves "something fabulous").

I have been perusing Coach to see if I can figure out which Bleeker (Bleecker? Bleaker? No, that can't be right...) wallet she wants.

I think its this one.

But it might be this one:

(Ha! Jenny, I'm kidding.)

And watching hilarious videos of Stephen Colbert interviewing Mike Huckabee. (Colbert: "I should be your Vice President, Huck. I can help you balance out your lack of foreign policy." Huckabee: "Oh yeah, how's that?" Colbert: "I've been overseas. I've been to Sandals. I've been to Epcot, buddy.")

Alright. I'm taking the rest of the night off. And tomorrow will look kinda like this:

But then Saturday will hopefully look like this:

(Wait. That is still a picture of someone at work...) Let's try this again...

Oh Lord. I dream of the day...


Erica said...

with 20 cases you should get a docket all to yourself!!!

The Mulvihills said...

You make me laugh!