Monday, May 30, 2011

Lookie What I Can Do!

Before Sophie was born, I presumed [VERY incorrectly] that I'd still have plenty of time to do all the things I used to do, like blog and knit and garden and learn new crafty things....

After Sophie arrived, I presumed that I'd never again pick up yarn and needles.  I packed my yarn away in a box in the garage and bid it farewell.  People kept promising me that it would get easier, that eventually I'd have a tiny glimmer of free time again.

Turns out, I'm wrong again, because in the past few weeks, I have learned to crochet!
So this...

Became these:
Those are granny squares, to be precise.  They are easier than they look.  Apples included for scale.
I don't think I've got enough yarn to make a whole blanket, but its probably enough for a "lovey" for Sophie.
And speaking of Sophie, she would like you to know that this blanket will match her paci, thankyouverymuch.
She's such a funny little girl.  I love her so very much.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I was hoping she'd nap instead...

We got home from the airport this afternoon, had lunch, and adjourned to her room, in hopes of getting her to take a nap.  Instead, I got a piano concerto.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guess Who's Mobile Now?

She's started crawling seriously in the last 24 hours or so. She went from belly on the ground, dragging herself along, to on her knees zooming around in a single day! Which, of course, clearly means that my child is a genius. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Time Swimming!

We are spending a short week with Steven's parents in Florida, taking a much needed break. It's taken me a good solid day and a half to unwind. Sophie, on the other hand, was ready and rearing to go from the first moment we got here.

She is so so so close to crawling. She has learned how to move herself forward, but she still drags her legs behind her.

She has also enjoyed laughing with and at Grandpa.

She's developing such a little personality, too. She's such a funny kid!

Sophie had her first pool experience yesterday. She loooooved it!

Grammie and I bought dollar straw hats from Target, and me and Soph hit the pool in the afternoon.

She is a water baby for sure.

She did so well, didn't even cry or seem scared for a second. Just adapted perfectly to the water.

Nana sent us a floatie to take with us to Florida, so we tested it out. Sophie loved it, of course!

Go Sophie go! I am totally signing her up for swim lessons this summer.

Before we left town, we bought her a cutesy headband with a flower bow. She is beyond adorable in it, and I need to do a proper photoshoot with it on her. Here's a glimpse of the cuteness.

More to come as we take to the water the rest of the week!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

On My First Mother's Day

Those of you that know my husband know that he is a man that loves technological gadgets. I love this about him, because it often results in my getting some extremely cool techie presents for special occasions. (he's also a regular over at Williams Sonoma around the holidays....a true Renaissance gift-giver.)
So I'm back with the mobile blogging, but now I am proud to inform you that I am officially blogging from my brand new iPad! Sophie and Steven both got it for me... ;). And I super super love it.

See? I can blog and take pictures and post them, all from the iPad. Mighty cool. For example, you've just seen a picture of my very fancy new "Mommy-Pedi" that I got this afternoon before we went to a dinner party.

Whats a "Mommy-Pedi," you ask? Oh, it's a new pedicure offering at my new favorite salon, which is conveniently located in my master bath and consists of me and a bottle of Cherry Red OPI nail polish in the last 10 minutes before we left the house for the dinner party. I am nothing but classy all the way.

Finding myself at my first mothers day, I'm feeling pretty good. Sophie has started sleeping through the night ThankYouJesus!!, but none of my clothes fit right. Old ones are too small, maternity clothes way too big, and the two pairs of "in-between" pants that I bought thinking I'd be much smaller much faster than this... Well, I am certainly getting my money's worth out of them.

So we are at a crossroads, with two potential directions we could take:
(a) buy more clothes, or (b) get smaller.

I'd prefer not to buy more clothes this size, as i feel like that would be admitting defeat. So my only option here is to Get Smaller. Preferably as quickly as possible. It's not a matter of not knowing how to do this, it's just a matter of being too tired to get started. I know I'll feel better and have more energy if I can just get out the door and start running again. It's such a catch 22. Oh well. I'll get there eventually.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Discovering the Wood Floor, In Pictures

Hey, wait a minute.  What's that over there?
Looks different than my blankets.....
Feels different...
I wonder how it tastes?
Yep, tastes like wood floor. (Don't worry folks, she did not smash her face on the floor, she lowered it carefully down until her nose was touching the floor.)
And now I will ponder this new discovery over a nice bottle of milk.