Wednesday, April 18, 2012

18 Month Pediatrician Visit (Or, Why I’m Probably Not In The Running for Mother of The Year)

No time to write this. Going to use short sentences. Maybe even some sentence fragments. Sophie’s 18 month pediatrician appointment was today. We missed her 15 month appointment entirely. I didn’t realize she needed a 15 month appointment. (Also I’d had a baby right around then. I was in no state of mind to remember things like that.)

Decided to take both kids with me this morning. Dropping Scarlett at daycare and then taking Sophie to the doctor would have been a catastrophie. Very routine disrupting, teasing Sophie with the idea of going to school and then putting her back in the car to go to the doctor. So to the doctor we went, me and the two chicklets.

It was raining this morning. I didn’t have an umbrella. We tramped through the rain, both kids getting wet. I am one top-notch mommy.

Scarlett stayed in her carseat during the doctor visit. Sophie had a “number 2” diaper upon arrival. There was no place to change her till we got called back to the actual room, so we sat in the waiting room, me and Sophie and Scarlett and Sophie’s smelly diaper. Top-notch mommy.

Sophie did great during her actual appointment. Language skills are off the charts. She knows more than 100 words and she said “thank you” to the doctor several times and also sang her a song. And she didn’t even cry when they weighed her, which is usually a huge fight.

But then there were the shots. Four of them. We had to hold her down. As they gave her the first shot, it took her a few seconds to register the pain, and then she started screaming and turned all red-faced. And then a second shot, and she screamed even more, and a third, and she opened her eyes, with her mouth wide open in a scream, and looked at me like, “Mommy why are you letting them hurt me?” And my heart broke wide open and fell out of my chest and onto the floor in a puddle.

We sat her up on the table after the shots so she could see them putting on the band-aids. She liked the bandaids, especially the sparkly one and the Garfield one. It was round. They said, “She’s going to be sore.” I knew this, from prior visits, and every time I tell myself to bring her a dose of Tylenol for her. And every time I forget.

So off to school we went, Sophie with four band-aids and sore legs, and Scarlett having been in the carseat for at least an hour and a half now. Top-notch mommy.

We get to school. Scarlett is crying. I presume she’s hungry, and proceed to tell her teacher that. Then I lift her out of her carseat. And she has had the biggest blowout diaper of her life. All the way up her back. It nearly reached her neck. Her teachers even went, “Whoa!” We stripped her down and wiped her entire body with a wet washcloth and changed her diaper and clothes. Sophie, during this time, is running around the infant room, nearly stepping on all of the babies with her ginormo toddler shoes.

I say bye-bye to Scarlett before she’s even 100% re-dressed, and I take Sophie to her Monkeys room (18-24 month toddlers). “Mun-ees! Munees!” she says. We open the door and every single toddler in the room is crying. Sophie begins crying as well, and then pushes another kid. The teacher scolds her and she cries harder. I tell them her legs are sore. They ask, “Did you give her any Tylenol?” I did not. Because I didn’t remember. Top-notch mommy.

I hug her and calm her down and they organize the kids to go play outside. She says “owsigh!!” and runs out the door, and waves bye bye to me as she goes. Happy even without Tylenol. I am relieved. I get in the car and drive to work. I glance in the rearview as I get to work. Ive forgotten to put on makeup or brush my hair. I look like I just survived a tornado. And maybe I did, in a way.

Really it was just another Wednesday morning for this top-notch mommy. And now I need to work for 8 hours and figure out what’s for dinner. And then get up and do the whole thing over again. I might need a nap.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Favorite words that Sophie says (17 mo.):

CoffEE? CoffEE? CoffEE?? (while pointing to coffee cups or the coffee pot)

Kecko-cope (Stethoscope)

Appa-juuusss (Apple juice)

Mo? Mo? Mo? (More)

Mommee? Mommee? (Mommy)

DaDEE! DaDEE! (Daddy)

Car-car (Scarlett)

Car-ker (Carter, her friend from school)

Kack-ker (a cracker)

Ray-Ray (Reagan, her friend from school)

Day-den (Jayden, her friend from school)

Manna (Miss Amanda, a teacher at school)

Beeda (Miss Veeda, a teacher at school)

Cheer (her plush chair at home)

Hi cheer! (High chair)

Hi cheer! (Car seat)

Cah! (Cars!)

Cah! (The sound a bird makes!)

Ball! (Anything round!)

Ah-sigh! (Outside! Please! Now!)

Uh-oh! (When anything falls down.)

Oeh-Noooe! (When she drops something)

Auf? Auf? (Woof woof? When she sees a dog)

Pubby! (Puppy! Also when she sees a dog)

Bay-bee! (Scarlett, and also her baby doll)

Aye-Bee-Cee-Bee-Aye-Bee-Ceeeee (The alphabet song…. Repeated to the correct tune until completed)

Pee-sa (Pizza!)

Meena, Meena (“Clean up, clean up!” Also a song, sung while wiping the hardwood floor, the couch, her sister, etc., with a baby wipe)

Nigh-Nigh (night night)

Baaah (Bath)

Bubba (Bubbles)

Boo-boos (what mommy uses to feed Scarlett. Sophie likes to point to them.) :)

Nah-nah! (Not nice! This is the reprimand in daycare. She tells this to other kids, mostly. Complete with finger wag.)

Zuuuu (Zipper.)


Ahh-Dahnnn! (All done! Spoken with arms up in the air, and if not immediately responded to, yelled louder and louder while kicking the high chair tray.)

Nana! (Nana, my mom)

Nanas! (Bananas!)

Emmo (Elmo)

Abbeee (Abby, Elmo’s pink friend)

Koo-Kee (Cookie monster)

Koo- Kee (an actual cookie)

Wah-wah (water cup or milk cup)

Eye waa woo, Eye waa woo, happ-bee, happ-bee (As best I can tell, this is the Barney song. “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family)

Happ-bee! Happ-bee! (Sing me the “If you’re happy and you know it” song!)

Eee-Eee! (“Eat-eat” or “I’m hungry." She said this the other day when we drove around the corner and she saw the IHOP building.  Don't judge.  My kid loves pancakes.)

Chacka (Jacket)

Soooes (Shoes)

Saws (Socks)

Scoooo! (School!)

I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now.  Love my little talkative girl!