Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buckling Down

Here's the view at Chez Steele, courtesy of my fine photographer husband:


Its unfortunately going to be the view for a while.


Because its buckle-down time.


If I could come back in another life as someone else, I think I'd still come back as me, but I would want like 10 arms.


And days would have to be longer. Twenty-four hours just isn't enough.


That's my main complaint these days. There's just NOT enough time. Although, I guess if the worst thing happening to you is that you don't have enough time to do everything you want to do, life is pretty good.


Just keep telling me that, OK?


Yesterday morning, the view was really nice.


It was crisp and wintry.


It made me want to go curl up in a warm blanket and write a novel.


Or at least drink a long, relaxing cup of coffee.


Or watch Steven dance with the dog.


Pringles has been extra needy lately. I think its because I've been typing outlines instead of tending to his every whimper. He may need therapy. Look at those little eyes.


Alright. Maryland Civil Procedure is calling me. I leave you with a little something fabulous that I picked up the other day.


Bronz-ish Gold is totally the new black.



Erica said...

its a good thing that we're both either lawyers or soon to be lawyers. virginia apparently won't let you have a business where you blend legal services with non legal services if one person isnt a lawyer. so our yarn shop/law firm would be tough if we werent both attorneys...

Jaimy said...

First of all, if Pringles needs some attention, you can ship his adorable little self out to Denver, and I will promise to tend to his whimpers. :) And second of all, love the shoes!!! Also, the Colorado Bar is officially written on my calendar for late July...ugh.

The Mulvihills said...

Ahhh, Heather! It makes me smile that instead of wanting to curl up and READ a novel, you want to curl up and WRTIE a novel! :)
Love the shoes!!