Thursday, January 3, 2008


When I was still in law school, I had this constant time-management struggle. I'd wake up, get in my car, go to work, work-work-work, get in my car, go to school, school-school-school, get in my car, go home, study-study-study, and finally fall into bed exhausted. Rinse and repeat.

All of the going, going, going was really tiring, and I longed for just a few extra seconds of each day when I could stop thinking in legal hypotheticals, and just do something creative for myself. Write, read, knit, fingerpaint, whatever it was, I just needed some colors in my life beyond the textbook black-and-white Times New Roman print.


So now that I'm out of school, I've rediscovered the delicious sliver of time between 6 PM and 11 PM. And its ALL MINE.


At least, it has been all mine from early August (after the July Bar) until now, when I finally caved and cracked open the BarBri books to start studying for the Maryland Bar. The exam isn't until February 26, but my slightly-obsessive self tends to overprepare for these things.


So, my delicious sliver of time will be gone once again, at least til the end of February. Knowing that this inevitable loss is coming, I've been gobbling up the last little bits of free time I have left, and the results have been quite productive, at least as far as knitted things are concerned. I finished the Endpaper Mitts yesterday and wore them to work today. I meant to take a picture, but they're not quite perfect -- I ran out of the brown yarn on the ribbing for the thumb, so I made it blue (and promptly ordered some more of the brown color from I'll fix the thumb as soon as the new yarn comes in, and then we'll have a proper photo shoot.


Once I wore the mitts around a bit at work, I got a request to make another set of mitts for co-worker with especially cold hands. (She says she sits on them sometimes to solve the problem, but then she can't type like that.) So I asked about colors and the request was "maybe pink or blue? Surprise me."


So my last little bits of free time will be spent picking some fabulous colors from the stash, so that I'll have a little project to work on while I'm delving back into the depths of studying for the bar.


What's a stash, you ask?


Why, I have absolutely no idea. :)

(PS - Any guesses as to which color combo I picked? Stay tuned to find out!)

(PPS - A teaser? Seriously, Heather? Good Lord...)

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