Thursday, January 31, 2008

Its a B-Movie Shooooow...

So today I found myself looking out the window at work this afternoon, and I caught the tail end of the sunset. A song from The Brave Little Toaster came to mind as I looked out at the clouds and realized I'd missed the entire day's sunlight.

"There goes the sun, here comes the night, somebody turn out the light. Somebody tell me that fate has been kind... You can't go out, you are out of your mind!"

Written out, it sounds bleaker than it actually is -- the movie itself is a delightfully campy Disney cartoon from the 80s. We watched it incessantly at my house growing up. But something about the sun setting and being trapped in my office made me think about that silly little song.

It also made me think about dropping everything and buying a one way ticket for Steven and I to Fiji. Lots of sunlight, lots of sand, and absolutely zero Microsoft Word.


I tend to work on a rewards system. When things get rough and I feel overwhelmed, its time for a little token gift to myself, as a reminder of all the fun stuff I get to do once this (SECOND!) bar exam is over.

Enter my new favorite place:


Steven took me there the other night (after the BBQ Incident), just to look at all the pretty things and remember that a world exists beyond Arial, Courier New, and Times New Roman.

Wanna see what I got?


Hint: I am a sucker for this stuff.


Yes. Sock yarn. Don't judge me. :)


Its really neat - self-striping and yet still tweedy-looking.


I'm trying my best to save this until post-Bar, but my yarn-resistance-willpower is low right now. I might break it out this weekend if studies go badly.

Steven agreed to take me to the yarn store on condition that we went to Guitar Center afterwards, which just happens to be nearby. We went, and we visited the $17,000 Lenny Replica guitar. Steven asked the Guitar Center folks if he could play "Lenny" on the Lenny guitar. Their answer?

"You got $17K, she's all yours." (Steven has now decided he'd rather have a Danelectro, valued at approximately $152.50.)

In Bar news (because I'm sure you're dying to know), I have ALMOST all my outlines done - Evidence and Commercial Paper/Secured Transactions are left. This weekend will be dedicated to finishing those off and then plowing through the essay questions. I'm not quite as concerned as I previously was about having time enough to study, because my boss is going to let me take a full week off of work to study -- but STILL, considering that I took a solid two, two-and-a-half weeks off for the VA Bar and I was still stressed out of my mind, I'm not sure I'll be much better by the end of this ONE week off...

Unless I miraculously learn everything in four days. (In which case I will be making some stripey, tweedy socks, you can be sure of that.)

Lordy, I'm tired. How do people do this?

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Jonathan said...

I love your blog and I love you. I miss you guys.