Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So maybe we didn't eat all the brownies from yesterday yet. (One can only handle so many dense chunks of fudgy deliciousness in one sitting. Or else you'll be sitting for a really really long time because you'll be fused to your couch like the lady in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. But I digress.)


Today was Spring Cleaning day in the Steele household. Thus, we re-discovered our countertops, we did laundry and scrubbed floors and generally freshened the apartment. It was in desperate need of a freshening. We also attempted to clean out the brownie pan.


Steven says its clean enough to make cookies now, please. With chocolate chips. And walnuts. (Maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned.)


I am making sad and slow progress on the Log Cabin Blanket. I had a partial square finished today, but then decided that the inside square (the white one) was too big, and it would have made the entire square waaaaaaay too big. It was 30 stitches across and 60 rows high. Not sure what I was thinking on that one.

So I ripped the whole thing back and tried again, this time with twenty stitches.


We'll see if this makes a more manageable square.


The way the stitches line up so methodically on the needle -- it makes me happy. And the way garter stitch churns out row after mindless row. Just what I needed.

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laura (knittinkitties) said...

it was spring cleaning here too!!! j and i discovered that our art room has a floor that looks quite nice once you sweep it! hehehee