Saturday, March 8, 2008

Couldn't Stand the Weather

Steven and I took an outing to the Outlets today. The weather was a little drizzly, but nothing to be concerned about. We didn't bother to bring an umbrella. (This would also be called, "tempting fate.")


We enjoyed our Outlet shopping, although we didn't buy anything. Steven encapsulated the experience perfectly with this remark: "You know, you come here, and you expect to find great deals, and then everything's just still sort of expensive."

On the way back to the car, I remarked at how pretty and blue the sky was. And then I noticed something.


Something very dark and very ominous was approaching.


And it was coming our direction really, really fast.


We jumped in the car and raced out of there, trying to outrun the storm.


But it was gaining on us.


The amazing part was how distinct the line was between crazy-stormy-sky and perfectly-calm-blue.


(And in case you were curious, we lost the race.)


So much for my grandiose plans of gallavanting around in the beautiful Spring weather.



Just prior to said storminess, I managed to find enough sunlight to show you my latest little something.


Just a little blanket in mercerized cotton, to use up some lingering old stash and make room for NEW stash. :) (I can hear Steven groaning at this point.)


I can't decide if its going to be a gift or if I'm just going to stockpile it for someday. :) It's kinda messy up close, and probably not fit to be gifted. I suppose there will be plenty of time to fret over the fate of a baby blanket once its finished.


As for right now, its simple and methodical, and its little checkered-and-pale-banana-yellowness makes me smile.

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laura (knittinkitties) said...

just want to compliment you on your pictures. you take really good and CLEAR ones. i was reading this wondering if i had done that with my camera, they wouldn't come out NEARLY as clear! congrats!

i'm in the market to get a camera soon with an automatic setting ;-)