Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Better or Worse

You will never, ever, in a million years, guess what I got Steven to do with me this weekend. (Or maybe you will...)


He enjoyed the pedicure, but he was convinced that our pedicurists were chatting about him the whole time in Vietnamese.


Yesterday morning, Steven checked the Best Buy ads, as he is prone to do, and noticed that they'd posted a new advertisement for TVs. "Buy a big-screen, HD TV," it said, "and get $100 off a Playstation 3."

Now, we just bought an HD TV, and although it was a great price, we didn't get any freebies with it. Which was disappointing. So Steven showed me the ad and said, "Do you think we could get this deal now?"

I doubted it. But we formulated a plan to try anyway. This plan involved me going into Best Buy, scoping out the place for a relatively happy-looking sales clerk, smiling sweetly, and basically begging for the deal to be applied to our recent purchase. For good measure, I cleaned up a bit (read: changed out of my PJs), because Customer Service is more likely to give you the deal when it doesn't look like you just crawled out of bed. (The reason for this? High school kids working at Best Buy are annoyed to see you in your PJ's, because they wish that they could sleep late, instead of having to show up at work.)

So, I strutted into Best Buy with my best Girl-Who-Should-Get-A-Discount face on. I walked up to the Customer Service counter, said hello, and handed them the print ad I'd picked up on the way into the store. I took a big, deep breath, and said (quickly): "Um, hi, we bought a TV and they said we could bring in the receipt and get the deal later, so here's the receipt and can we get this deal, please please?"

Without even batting an eyelash, the ponytail-wearing Customer Service guy said, "Sure. I'll just discount your TV purchase by $100. Here...." and he took the receipt from me, scanned it, and handed back a new receipt with a credit of $105.

"It includes tax," he said, looking utterly bored for someone who just practically gave me a Benjamin. I'm not sure we even made eye contact through the entire transaction. (So much for putting on that get-the-deal lipstick...)

I called Steven (who had been waiting in the car in case the begging for the deal went badly...), and he was incredulous. "You did it, already?!"

I beamed. Obviously, I am quite the negotiator. No one need know that it was easy, right? I could have shopped around for 20 minutes or so, to bolster my story of giving the clerk a real haranguing before he finally surrendered and handed over the discount.

Or I could just chalk it up to a pleasant surprise from Best Buy.


And, as always, the setup is everyone's favorite part.


"Hello, I was on sale."

As usual, I helped setup by offering my moral support from the stands.



And after at least 4 solid hours of MLB 08 The Show, we're spending the rest of our evening anticipating the birth of the first grandbaby on my family's side. Mom's been calling with regular updates, and I made everyone promise to send me pictures. Steven and I have each placed individual bets on the baby's birth time and weight.

Heather: Birth time, 11:32 PM, EST -- Weight, 7.5 lbs.
Steven: Birth time, 1:00 AM, EST -- Weight, 8.6 lbs.

Winner buys dinner.

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