Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rain, Rain...

It stormed last night like crazy, but it made this morning all damp and beautiful.


And I'm fairly certain its not going to rain again anytime soon, based on the incredible blueness as duly noted below:


I got up early this morning and went to the gym....finally. I'd been telling myself I would go ever since the bar exam ended, and instead I'd been sleeping every morning until 10 minutes before I needed to be up and out the door.


And the sleep, it was glorious. Perfect and blissful. But the jeans, they are starting not to fit quite as well. Thus, me and the junk in my trunk hit the elliptical this morning and chugged away for a Hulk-ian 15 minutes, until my poor little out-of-shape bod could take no more.


The workout having ended sooner than I anticipated, I ran back up and grabbed the camera and wandered around taking pictures of all the rainy freshness.

And you know what comes with warmer weather and a little rain, don't you?

That's right...


The Urban Jungle. (It's back!) I count six potted plants. Am I right? There's also a pair of dirty shoes back there somewhere...

More later on how Steven's business card is much cooler than mine (with photographic proof, even!), and perhaps a little tidbit on what arrived in the mail this afternoon! (Hint: Steven is concerned that we are in real danger of being completely buried in this stuff one of these days...)


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