Thursday, March 27, 2008

Block Buster

Only a single court appearance this week, people. It's amazing, I know. I feel like I've finally gotten my life back after taking the February Bar. And it only took me a month! (Somewhat, anyway. There are still deep dark parts of our closet that I'd really rather not discuss.)

Now that I'm back sitting at my desk the whole week instead of driving to every courthouse in the country, I am actually able to do some real work. (Most of which involves sending or receiving emails, printing said emails, two-hole punching said emails, and filing said two-hole-punched emails onto those annoying little metal tongs that fold down to hold one's many, many two-hole-punched-emails, but anyway.)

In some fun news, I may quite possibly have settled my first case. The funds haven't changed hands from them-to-us yet, so I don't want to spoil things by rejoicing, but things are looking good. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

We rented our first blue-ray (I refuse to spell the word "blue" without an "e." The English language has taken enough of a beating from society lately, and I will not be adding to it) DVDs this weekend. I told Steven that he has a very unique way of adjusting the volume levels on the TV. He doesn't just stand there with the remote and point it at the TV; instead, he really gets into it and does a full tiger-crouch. See Exhibit A:


This is a man clearly dedicated to proper sound levels.

We rented two movies that we hadn't seen -- big blockbuster titles (no pun intended), in the hopes that we would be astounded and amazed by the blue-ray-ness of it all. And the picture was really great. The plotlines, however, left much to be desired.


This is the way we return the movies to the store. (No late fees!) (In theory, anyway.)


As you can see, its still not Spring here, although I have deemed it warm enough to forego wrapping myself from head to toe in woolen items. But it is unfortunately still coat-weather in these here parts.


And in the magical way that life tends toward balance, I have hereby promised myself to start eating healthier. I'm starting with a good fiberful breakfast each morning. (I realize that "fiberful" likely is not a real word, and given my earlier complaints about the battering of the English language, I likely have no place to be writing words that aren't words. I have no comment.)


This new breakfast-eating-goal requires me to wake up early enough to walk the dogs, shower, and actually eat the breakfast before rushing out the door. More often I find myself attempting to walk the dogs and eat the cereal simultaneously, which cannot possibly end well.

I'm calling it a work in progress. Yeah.

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