Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The US Postal Service Loves Me

Oh, getting a box like this in the mail is very, very fun. (Steven: rolling eyes and looking around at lots of yarn in our house already...)


I think this will make a perfect log cabin blanket. Although it's skinnier yarn than I anticipated.


And I'm not a huge fan of the medium-blue color... its a little too purple for my taste.

Tower o Yarn

But it still fits with the whole ocean-y, blue, light, summery theme, so it stays.


No energy for a longer post. I have two (TWO!) trials on Friday, and I'm keeping my brave face on at work, but really? I'm scared out of my mind. The What-Ifs are overwhelming. (What if the judge doesn't let me speak? What if the judge totally disregards the law and just makes up his own stuff? What if my witnesses don't show up?) (Note: A fear of witnesses not showing up is a valid fear; these people are notorious for being late to court. I have threatened to tell witnesses that court starts at 7 AM, just to get them there by 9.)

Send one up for me, if you think of it. I'll be over here, practicing my big-strong-trial face in the mirror. (The judge is less likely to award us our judgment if I look like a desperate jungle tribesman running from a band of rabid tigers. You know how those judges are.)

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Erica said...

Heather - you will rock those trials. I have no doubt. I might actually be at Fairfax tomorrow, but it is looking doubtful. If I am, I'll try to find you!