Tuesday, March 25, 2008


You cannot go through life, and have truly lived it, until you've sat in a random mall on a Monday night and sloshed through six thousand calories' worth of pure cinnamon frosted bliss.


Not once did we question our sanity or our waistlines. Cinnabun was there, and we had to partake. There was no choice in the matter.


About halfway through our respective Cinnabuns (what, you think we shared one? Ha. I think not...), Steven says, "Gimme that camera, I've got a great shot."

And while I'm not completely certain that anywhere in the Galleria Mall is a "great shot," I have to give it to him. This was pretty clever.


Because its just so true. I do love the cake, I really do. Especially when its baked with cinnamon and smothered in icing. Also, Cinnabun is definitely best when eaten with a flimsy plastic fork.


Next up: Discussions on how my clothes aren't really fitting like they used to, and my theories as to why.


laura (knittinkitties) said...

oh my goodness. wanna hear something crazy? well since 1988, i've been a diabetic. it was only two years ago in the st louis airport that i had my first cinnabon. the urge came to me violently. i WANTED it. trudge trudge trudge through the terminals looking for it. i get there TOTALLY excited. probably too excited for a sunday morning. i get there and i order "one cinabon please." kind lady goes "would you like extra icing" excited diabetic goes "oh yes please!!!" kind lady asks "would you like a beverage" laura, "yes, diet coke" kind lady grabs a regular coke. laura says "i'm a diabetic. i need a diet."

needless to say, i'm sure i was the crazy customer of the day. told the rents about it and they said "yeah, you provided them with entertainment that whole day" hehehehe

dont you dare feel guilty for having it. we deserve it time to time

tracy said...

Yum.... *drooling* Now I must go raid my fridge for something sweet!