Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Enough with the Coldness Already

It is March, but it is not Spring. It is rainy and cold. Hence, chili was needed.


Delicious. Enough for leftovers, even. (And yes, we will eat it allllllll up.)


The summery log cabin is still.... log cabin-ing. I like it, but really there's not much to show you other than ever-continuing squares of darkening blues.


Also, my niece was born Monday morning at 3 AM. Her name is Riley Grace, and she was 9 pounds and 1 ounce, 21 inches long. (Steven won the bet, for those of you keeping track. Although, I will admit, neither of us anticipated a baby just shy of ten pounds and nearly two feet tall. Mandy is clearly a champ for accomplishing such a feat.)


I'm not sure how the new parents feel about having pictures of their little one up on the blog, and I forgot to ask while I was talking to Jon. As soon as I get the ok, pictures will be forthcoming. (Somebody ask Jon/Mandy for me, K? And then send me more pictures. I am a baby picture junkie.)

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