Friday, September 5, 2008

On Finishing and Beginning

I've been on a rampage to finish things lately.


Seriously, like an all-out, totally-crazed, lose-track-of-time-and-suddenly-its-three-am finishing spree.


I think I'm overcompensating for missing that old September homework-piling-up feeling.


No homework. I used to dream about this day as a kid. Now that its here, its bittersweet.


Sometimes I stand in front of the doors of Office Max, just to smell the school supplies. (Yes. I have issues.)


And erstwhile, something new and fresh and exciting is beginning in the political realm. The Grand Old Party has a new and rising star. And her name is Sarah Palin. Her acceptance speech is one of the top-viewed videos on YouTube. (And given all the ridiculousness that gets top billing on YouTube these days, that's quite a feat. The worldwide YouTube audience does not always have stellar academic record. To get them to watch a political acceptance speech -- its got to be really interesting.)

And interesting it was. Fascinating, even. To watch her emerge out of namelessness into notoreity. I can already see Biden shaking in his tasseled leather loafers.

I've read several great op/ed pieces on the Palin nomination, but I'll give you one of my favorite quotes, from a well-written piece in the American Thinker by Thomas Lifson. Lifson actually wrote this article before Palin gave her acceptance speech. I think he was dead on.

"Americans like their heroines full of common sense and spunk. . . Sarah Palin is the ultimate All-American Girl, beautiful but not glamorous, powerful but unpretentious, high-powered but down-to-earth, a reformer who speaks up while others cower in fear of rocking the boat. Like Ronald Reagan, she can reach right through the television camera into people's minds and hearts. We recognize one of us. . . Those who planned the classical Greek theatrical stage never for a second contemplated the possibility of a deus ex machina named Sarah.

Despite having been written off as a hopeless cause by political insiders and media know-it-alls, the Grand Old Party is about to renew itself amidst catcalls from the opposition. . . . Ronald Reagan never let the contempt of the cultural, literary and journalistic elites bother him. He simply spoke over their heads directly to the American people. And changed the world. In Sarah Palin, we may well have a figure able to do the same. All eyes will be on her tonight."

And with all eyes on Governor Palin that night in Minneapolis*, she rocked the house. Firm and unyielding, she pointed straight into the camera with grit teeth, and I pumped my fist in the air. "Tell 'em Sarah!"

Of course, with every political win, there comes the aftermath. Palin's family is being dragged through the mud, and people are posting photoshopped pictures of her online. Obnoxious, to say the least. Even in our own convention, people were wearing "Vote for the Hot Chick" buttons. Thanks, folks, but last time I checked, it is not 1890 and Palin's not running on the ticket with Grover Cleveland. (McCain's at least 10 years younger than Cleveland. Come on, now!)

(Although - and being a woman, I think I have a bit of poetic license to say so - Palin looks great on screen. She reminds me of every classic movie with a female Vice President - put-together, polished, tough and powerful, but also feminine, graceful and beautiful. A study in contradictions. I love it.)

I'm nervous for her, but I'm excited too. Excited enough to have made my very first political donation, ever. (Yes, I know, McCain's only taking federal funds for his election. But you can still donate to the party in general. Which I did.)

Why all the fervor? Why the anticipation? Why the endless googling of Palin articles and slurping up all the media coverage I can get my hands on?

Because if Sarah Palin is elected Vice President of the United States of America in 2008, there's just no stopping us. :)

*My dear Minnesotan husband would like you all to know that the Convention was actually held in St. Paul, not in Minneapolis. I maintain that they are, after all, the Twin Cities, and being only a mile apart, I thought maybe they could be interchangeable. I stand duly corrected. :)


The Mulvihills said...

Great post, Heather! I was one of the many who was very, very impressed by Palin. She was poised, but personable. I loved her digs at Obama--she said them in such a nice way! Before the convention I was a half-hearted McCain supporter, but now will be sporting a yard sign! This is going to be an interesting election season!

Sean said...

Today we are saying "Wow, that Sarah Palin really reminds us of Ronald Reagan."

Twenty-five or thirty years from now, we'll be saying "Wow, that Heather Steele really reminds us of Sarah Palin."

I volunteer to be the rube they interview "who knew Heather way back when she was a law student with a knitting problem, or a knitter with a legal studying problem."

Dad said...

Watching the self-important windbags (and windbagettes) on CNN trying to comprehend the fact that their arrogant liberal pontificating really doesn't matter all that much to the course of history or the destiny of nations was a thrill to my soul. Almost as much fun as watching Anderson Cooper and his blow-dried comrades standing on location in hurricane winds on the Gulf Coast trying to appear professional.