Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its Kinda Nice Not To Eat French Fries Three Times A Week

Now that I'm doing this whole cooking-more-often thing, I've developed a bit of an obsession with Everyday Food magazine.


The entire menu from last week's Five-Days-Five-Meals came from the October 2008 issue.


(Including the fifth meal -- yes, I did eventually make it -- Irish Beef and Stout Stew. Pictures coming up soon.)

Steven and I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I was perusing the cookbooks aisle, thinking about buying a new cookbook. I flipped through several, including Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, the old classic Joy of Cooking, and the Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper. They were all good cookbooks, and each of them was chock full of interesting recipes (and would make great Christmas presents to moi', should any of you be lacking in ideas...).

But none of them could top my good old Everyday Food collection.


I'll admit, I was setting a high bar. I wanted big clear pictures, short simple ingredient lists, and quick prep times.

I wasn't sure that anything could measure up.


And then I found it.


OMG. Everyday Food has its own cookbook!


I officially love it. For two reasons in particular:

Reason #1 -- its organized by season. For a newbie cook like myself, I still don't have a clear grasp of which foods are available and freshest in which seasons. The book is organized into Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I totally love that.


Reason #2: An enormous, full-page picture of each recipe. (That way, I don't have to guess at what it ought to look like once I'm done.)


I've already planned our whole next week's worth of meals. I'm going for a more reasonable 3 or 4 nights of home-cooked meals this week.


I mean, let's not go crazy or anything. Right?

(The Menu:
Monday - sauteed chicken in mustard cream sauce (pictured above) with broccoli and polenta
Tuesday - One Pot Pasta (penne, chicken, broccoli, parmesan)
Wednesday - Skirt Steak and Spinach Orzo with feta
Thursday - Chicken Toscana Soup (I stole the Macaroni Grill recipe)
Friday - Longhorne Steakhouse (why break a streak?)
Makes you want to eat supper at our house, eh? Yeah, all's well and good until I burn half of it and over-season the rest. Give me a break, I'm still learning.)


me said...

Good for you:)

If you are ever in the mood to drive/metro for an hour, you should come over and cook with me. I am an adventurous, communal cook - as long as it doesn't require a finely calibrated oven!

Also, the soup recipe from my blog - it makes a lot, but enough-for-four-hungry-people a lot, not enough-to-feed-the-extended-family a lot.

Maritza said...

That looks like an excellent cook book! I might have to get it :)

Everyday Food should sponsor your blog...