Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two In A Row

For the first time (I believe) since I began law school in August 2004, I have hereby cooked dinner two nights in a row.

I know. You're shocked. Apparently I do have a bit of that old follow-thru left in me from all that schooling.

Tonight's dish was actually supposed to be Thursday night's dish. But, in the words of Steven, he needed something "more Twins gamey" than what I had planned (a soup of sorts).

I have no idea what that means. But I figured chicken cheesesteaks would fit the sports-watching bill.


I realize it treads upon the depths of laziness to show you pictures of the magazine; however, my excuses are as follows: (a) we were, yet again, quite hungry, and (b) mine weren't nearly as pretty.


The recipe called for chicken cutlets broiled with a bit of vegetable oil on an aluminum-lined baking pan for 5-7 minutes. I executed that part, no problem. The trouble began when I tried to then broil my vegetables (read: onions and garlic. I omitted the red peppers on account of I've seen Steven pick them out of our chinese food before. He swears that he would have eaten green peppers in the sandwich, so perhaps I stand corrected -- it is not the actual pepper that is offensive, but merely its hue. I have so much to learn.)

When I tried to broil the onions and garlic, they went from soggy to burnt in 0.000001 seconds. Steven even asked, "Um, what's crunchy in here?" I replied, "Oh, chargrilled onions, dear." :) Nothing like a little spin...

Overall, I think Steven liked the chicken cheesesteaks better than I did. I'm not really the submarine sandwich type. And Steven was a Sandwich Artist in high school...

Two down. Three to go. Can we make it?

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Erica said...

funny, I pick out green peppers but enjoy the red ones.

broilers can char your food quickly. I've learned that the hard way a few times.

I have faith you will complete the week. you're tough.