Friday, September 26, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

My excuses, in order of persuasiveness:

1. I made dinner Sunday night (tacos), thus fulfilling my five-nights-in-a-row yesterday.

2. I had court this morning and today was a long day and hey, I created this whole five nights, five meals thing, I can dismiss it with a wave of my hand, right?

3. I intend to make the rest of the cookies tonight. That totally counts.

4. Our trip to Longhorne Steakhouse was kind of like making dinner, except for the part about cooking the meal myself.

5. Challenge? What challenge? I'm too busy to be doing any challenges -- what are you people talking about?

Anyway. I will make dinner tomorrow, in the crock pot. Four out of five weeknights ain't bad. And besides, I accidentally picked a recipe with a three-hour cooking time, and poor Steven can only take so much.

Let's distract you with pretty knitting, ok?


Pattern: Olga Hat, available at Ewenique Fiber
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: Size 3 circular, and Size 4 double-pointeds (I didn't have a size 3 in dpn's and I was too lazy to go buy a set. It worked out fine.)


The pattern is written for a hat that's waaaay too tall, so I started at Row 20 of the graph. (That is, after I had already knitted the whole hat one time, only to discover that it was more like a dunce cap than a winter hat...)


And I'll even give you the time-travel effect and show you my hat-in-progress pics, which I didn't manage to post until after I'd already finished the whole hat.


This was a really fun knit. I might make another one in the exactly opposite colors.


Side note: I totally wore my slouchy hat to work today. I have deemed today the beginning of Cold Enough To Wear A Scarf And Hat Season. When I picked up Steven for dinner, the first words out of his mouth were, "Why are you wearing a beret?"

I had no real answer to that.

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Mom said...


Dinner sound delightful ENJOY every night.

Love you always,