Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mr. September

Let me show you Steven's dream residence:


Seems pretty bland from back there, I know. Let me show you a bit closer.


Can you see it yet?


That's right. Stadium view. :) The Twins were in Baltimore this weekend. How could we not go? I had been expecting this trip for a while. What I didn't expect was to have Friday's game rained out, resulting in a double header on Saturday that began at 5:00 PM. We had planned to go to the games on Saturday and Sunday, and with the rainout, we suddenly had three baseball games in twenty-four hours! Oh my word.

Steven, needless to say, was thrilled.


I was more looking forward to a little mini-getaway. And also the chocolate covered strawberries that came with our hotel booking.



After our snack, Steven tasked me with a Very Important Job.


The Circle-Me-Bert sign is essential, people.

And I think it turned out quite nice. (I was told we made it on TV -- any confirmations, Minnesota folks?)


For the Saturday game(s), we sat in left field. If you've ever sat in left field at pretty much any stadium, you know that there are characters in the left field stands. Us, of course, but there were even crazier people (if you can believe it).

And here is one of them:


This guy -- Pink Hat Guy -- spent BOTH games heckling the Twins' left fielder, Delmon Young. Only this wasn't any ordinary heckling. See those papers that Pink Hat Guy is flipping through? They are filled with random Minnesota-related trivia. And here is how the heckling would go:

"Hey Delmon! Did you know! That the state muffin of Minnesota! Is blueberry!"

"Hey Delmon! Did! You! Know! That in St. Cloud it is illegal to eat a hamburger on a Sunday!"

And so on, and so forth. Sounds like it would be annoying, but it was hilarious. All of the Minnesota fans were shouting out facts or laughing when they recognized a town name (Edina, Maple Grove, etc.)


It was seriously funny.

And then Pink Hat Guy was walking around with a birthday card for Delmon, claiming that it was Delmon's birthday on Sunday. He told us that he was planning to dangle the card over the dugout so that Delmon would see it after the games were over. We signed it. (Of course.) I have no idea if the card ever made it to Delmon Young. But the idea made me laugh.

And the gem of the night from Pink Hat Guy came in about the 8th inning of the second game, as it started to approach midnight:

"Hey Delmon! Did you know! That it is exactly thirty-two minutes until your birthday!"


Whoever you were, Pink Hat Guy, you were quite entertaining.

In addition to listening to the random-trivia-heckling, I spent the first game making good progress on the newest pair of Endpaper Mitts.


By Game Two, I was tired of knitting, so I kept score. (And no. I have absolutely no idea how to keep score. Stop laughing.)


The Saturday games ended around midnight, and we crashed in the hotel shortly thereafter.

On Sunday morning, we had a lovely brunch in the hotel and headed back over to the stadium. We left a little souvenir in our room, just to show you where we stayed.


Can you see it? Let me show you closer.


Still having trouble? Let's zoom in a wee bit.


Ha! Awesome.

For our last game of the weekend, we splurged a bit on some really nice seats.


And the benefit of seats right behind home plate?


Hanging with Joe Mauer. Steven gave him a fist-to-fist high five (and was extremely pumped about getting to do so).

We also got some great pictures of (Home Run Derby Champ) Justin Morneau.


And we watched as much of the game as we could stand in the 95 degree blazing heat. (In September! It was unreasonably hot.)


While I would not advise three baseball games in 24 hours for the average fan, I will readily admit that we are not average fans. We've had this trip planned since the schedule came out in April.


Worth every penny. (And the Twinkies are currently a game and a half out of first. Start praying, folks.)


Erica said...

you guys are too cute.

Maritza said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

mom said...

Love the sign in the hotel window! How great!

Anonymous said...

The home made pizza really looks good. Makes me hungry.

Daniel J.