Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anything But Laborious

I could tell you that I spent all weekend scrubbing my floors, cleaning dirty dishes, and filing at least two years of scattered paperwork...


I could tell you that I pushed myself on our little running course and almost made it to two full miles (running all the way)...


I could tell you that I spent my Labor Day weekend the way I should have spent it -- laboring around my house with various chores to be done...


And all of those things would be (sort of) true. But the real story is that I spent my Labor Day weekend becoming an Eastern Market aficionado.


Since our last brunch (can you believe it was in June? Seriously, we need to get out there more often!), we've gathered a few more newbie lawyers (or relatives thereto) to join in the fun.


We dined, we laughed, we terrorized our waiter (but in our defense, he kind of deserved it), and once we'd finished our brunching, we strolled along 8th Street to hit up Stitch DC!

Hello. There is much goodness inside this door.

I bought three colors of Cascade 220, with the intention of making an Inga Hat. (I will post pictures later. Right now, the hat is in timeout, due to misbehavior and lack of color coordination. I have a color-matching deficiency. Hence why I went to law school and not design school.)

Nonetheless! After Stitch DC, we ambled over to the Eastern Market itself! Upon arrival, I came to find out that it is not really one market, but like 10 different markets all smushed together. We walked down the farmers' market part, which then turned into an antique store, then into handmade jewelry, then prints and paintings and rugs and furniture and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Also, there were these weirdly cool prickly flowers. With a weird name that I have since forgotten. (It starts with a G... and my google-fu skills are failing me. Searching "prickly flowers" is not working.)


And lest you think that the above-referenced vendors were it, I give you the indoor section of the market:


Also huge. (And blissfully indoors and away from the evil scorching sun. Cold drinks were purchased and consumed. Quickly.)


I wandered around the market, wanting to buy a million things but worrying, simultaneously, that none of them would survive the metro ride back to Vienna. For example, this parmesan looked fantastic, but I feared having a melted-parmesan-liner in my shopping bag by the time I made it to my fridge.


One of the braver members of our little posse did buy one of these delicious-looking pies and managed to fit it into her canvas grocery bag! I was quite impressed. (Did you make it home with the pie intact, E?)


Our final stop before we headed back home was at Peregrine Espresso.


I ordered an iced latte with hazelnut, only to be told in no uncertain tone that they didn't do flavors there. As if doing flavors was some sort of icky, mass-produced, and totally un-hip idea. I apologized for my apparent latte-faux-pas and took my plastic cup over to the fixin's counter, where I loaded my drink up with raw sugar (because they don't do that boring and overplayed white sugar stuff). I took a sip, checked to make sure I wasn't suddenly wearing a long flowery skirt and a hemp necklace, and walked back out of hippie-dom and into the sunlight. :)

Seriously though, other than feeling like my hip-ness level wasn't quite up to par, the latte was absolutely delicious. Really good, fresh, rich espresso with heavy cream, and it was ice-cold. I was always a big fan of Murky Coffee in Arlington (right by school!), and Peregrine Espresso is owned by the same folks.

(Murky Coffee in Arlington is full of fond law school memories for me. Our whole class nearly crashed Murky's internet connection one Tuesday afternoon when Mason's internet shut down, because we all had to register for classes within a specific two-hour period, and Murky was the only place with free wi-fi. God bless 'em and I sure did get registered for Con Law like I wanted.)

After we polished off our lattes, we all decided that this Sunday Brunch tradition must continue. We're going to try Bread and Chocolate next. And after a bit more googling, I think I'd like to add Le Bon Cafe to the list of places-to-try. And any of you law school friends who happen across the blog, please let us know if you want to come to brunch! We'd love to make it an even bigger hoopla yet!

As a final note, guess what Dear Hubby was up to while I was out brunching?


That's right - Le Dog Salon.


Who knew Carlie actually had eyes under all that fluff? The toothless wonder. What a dog.


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