Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Minestrone (or, Where's the Beef?)

Day Three. Don't count me out yet.

Classic Minestrone, from Everyday Food:

Sauteed some onions, carrots, garlic, and celery in olive oil. Colorful = healthy, right?


Threw in a diced potato, some cannelini beans, some kidney beans, some green beans, and chopped-up-and-drained whole tomatoes. And some leftover salad greens. For fun, and mostly just because they were laying around, unused. I also added rosemary, fresh basil, and salt & pepper (not the singers, the spices) . (The recipe called for crushed red pepper flakes. I didn't have any. We went without.)

Oh, and seven cups of water.


Sensing with my keen spidey sense that Steven doth not live on soup alone, I used the rest of the hoagie rolls from yesterday's chicken subs to make garlic bread.


Ooh... smelling good now...


Sprinkled parmesan cheese on top to serve. The picture is foggy from the steam.


The soup got the Steven seal of approval, in that, he did not ask if we could order pizza after trying it. And he ate the whole bowl.

(He did, however, also eat three pieces of garlic bread. I think next time I will serve the soup as a side dish, or at least put some meat in it somehow. Sorry, dear.)


Also, I somehow managed to make enough soup to feed twelve people. The leftover soup is currently residing in my largest tupperware bowl in the freezer. I intend to have it for lunch for the next 37 days straight.

Maybe. With garlic bread.


me said...

Yum:) I have a recipe I just put up on my blog a couple days ago for chicken minestrone. It has meat in it, and oddly, no beans.

You're halfway there!!:)

Maritza M. said...

Looks great! Keep it up, the week's almost over :)