Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Which I Realize That I Just Kinda Don't Like Sourdough

Because I am nothing if not stubborn, I made another attempt this weekend to vanquish the sourdough.


My starter, as you may remember, was born back in mid-April this spring, and I hadn't made sourdough in a few weeks. I'd kept my little starter fed in the fridge with flour and a little sugar every so often, and this weekend, I figured I'd give it one last go.


And, as it turns out, once you give the starter a few months to age, it works beautifully.


I gave it a long slow rise in the 90-degree summer heat, and after about four hours in the sun (covered by a towel), it rose gorgeously. In retrospect, I shouldn't have cut the slit in the top, because it deflated the rise a little bit.


The crumb is moist but not too dense (this loaf isn't a 40-pound rock like the first few were). We sliced into the loaf on Sunday morning, toasted the slices and slathered them in butter and strawberry jam....


Only to discover that we just aren't really big fans of sourdough bread.

Anybody want any? We've got a (mostly) whole loaf here... Maybe I'll make sandwiches or something this week...

Also finished this weekend (boy, it was a productive weekend): My Boss' Granddaughter's Cotton Pullover

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Pattern: Child's Placket Neck Sweater (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts)
(pattern available here in PDF)

Hello. I am lounging.

The sweater is very cute as a finished product, but the knitting of it made no sense at all. Instead of knitting it top-down like a normal raglan, the sweater is knit bottom-up, with the underarm seams closed with Kitchener stitch.


Kinda a bizarre way to do things. (And hence why it languished in the pile-o-unfinished-knits for so long.)

But now that its done, I love it. I could barely hold onto it long enough to get these pictures -- I took it to work this morning, wrapped up in white polka-dotted tissue paper and tied with a loose piece of the same pink yarn. Boss recognized immediately that it was a cotton sweater, which made me smile, and I said, "Yeah -- So its totally washable!"


(Clearly, Heather. A partner in a law firm is likely aware that you can wash cotton.)

Sometimes I stun even myself. With my brilliance, that is.


There's another girl baby on the way (this week!) for another attorney at the firm, so I'd better get cracking if that baby's going to get a sweater before she's 2.


I bill, I bake, I clothe small children. Its quite the life. :)


Anonymous said...

The sweater is absolutely adorable!

Erica said...

You might like sourdough with something savory, like roast beef, instead of jam. At least I do. The sweater is loverly!