Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Expect Delays

The honeysuckle is blooming around here, and it smells delicious. Makes me want to go pick off the stems and drink them up. Although I think with my allergies the way they are, it would probably make my head explode.


How did I manage to do that stuff as a kid?

Things have been dragging along lately, or so it seems. Summer always used to be the briefest blip of my life -- a tiny respite between the spring and fall semesters of my neverending educational experience.

Except that now it has ended. No more schooling, no more buying books, no more sharpening pencils with glee.

Now we just wait. Wait until the right time to go get approved for a mortgage. Wait until the housing market bottoms out. Wait until our perfect house goes up for sale at a good price in the right neighborhood.


Yeah. You could say its been a lot of that lately.

And in an effort not to be swallowed by the ennui, I'm trying to learn a lesson about being content in the moment. About doing the little things -- baking bread, growing plants, maybe going to the gym or just going to bed early.

I had a stack of books to read after law school -- books that I'd been eagerly waiting to devour. I figured they'd last me at least until 2009. Except for that I just plowed through the last one yesterday. Oops.

I'm considering taking a cooking class. Partially to learn how to cook better (for Steven's sake, if not for my own, poor guy. He's like a mouse in a test lab around here...), but mostly just for that classroom camaraderie again.

Is it possible to be addicted to schooling? Or, perhaps more accurately, addicted to doing? Maybe I need to just learn how to sit still and be.

(I'll first have to figure out how to stop my foot from tapping impatiently on the ground. Not very zen, Heather.)

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