Thursday, June 12, 2008

Road Trip

(Before I begin with our usual array of minutiae, please take a moment to send up a prayer for the Mulvihill family, who have recently experienced a very tough loss. They are strong, brave people, so I know they will be okay, but still, they need all the comfort and support we can give them right now. Jenny, Josh, Jay, and the rest of the Mulvihills - we love you, we are thinking about you, and I wish we could come give you a big long hug, and then just sit with you and drink some coffee, just so we could be there for you. Know that we are there in spirit. Love, Steven and Heather.)

It stormed like crazy these last few weekends, and Steven and I tried our hand at storm-photography. Apparently, if you can accurately predict a lightning strike (read: taking 47 pictures of the dark sky in hopes that you'll catch the lightning in one of them), you can get some pretty neat shots.




Of course, for every one of these pictures, I have about 50 of these:


It will likely be a while before we get that publishing deal for the Stormlovers Pictorama book.


Today, we set off for the faraway lands of the Deep South, to attend a wedding for my old college roomie! (She is not actually old, its just that college seems like it was a really long time ago...)

And when college roomie calls, we haul.


The roads were hot and hazy, so we blasted the AC and the tunes.


Along our drive, we saw a few places which we aptly named: "If Dan Steele Lived In Virginia."


Notice anything in particular?


What? We just thought these were some really nice plots of land.... :)


And now we've arrived in Athens (home of R.E.M. and crazed college football fans), and much picture-taking has commenced. We're headed to the BBQ/rehearsal dinner here shortly. Stay tuned for my first foray into wedding photography!

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