Sunday, June 1, 2008

The First Day of June

Happy birthday to meeeee! The moment for the big reveal is here, and here's what Steven gave me for my bday.


Uber-fabulous! I am very excited.


These are: (1) a speedlight flash, (2) a 55-200 lens (zoom, baby!), and (3) three macro filters (makes small stuff magnified). Thanks babe -- I loooove it all!

And come to find out, Steven happens to be a better photographer than me!


Check out his newly-begun portfolio:






Since it was gorgeous outside (and seriously, does this not look like a cartoon, its so nice?), we went house-shopping in the morning.


Our most recent favorite was already under-contract, but at $399K, its a total steal.


Most places under $400K are connected by a wall to some other place...


Which is why I imagine our steal-of-a-deal had already been stolen by the time we got there. We looked at a few other places, but nothing really struck our fancy, so we headed back home and went on a picture-taking walk to the park. Mostly we were trying to figure out how to take a somewhat-flattering picture of the butchering I caused to my hair last night at the salon. Steven and his photography skills did an amazing job, however, my hair is remarkably orange. I will probably be headed back to the salon soon to fix this.


This does not mean they are a bad salon -- my hair just has a tendency toward Ronald-McDonald-ness.


I was going for blonde. I guess we have a few more steps before we get there. So anyway - here's what I look like as an officially-twenty-seven-year old. A bit bossy and a bit brassy. :)


Carlie The Dog says happy birthday to mom and also that she is guarding the tomato plants, so don't worry.


Happy June, everybody!

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The Mulvihills said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! These are amazing pictures! I love your new book photo also!

Hope you had a fab day! We love you!