Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Duly Sworn

The Swearing-In ceremony for the Maryland Bar was today in Annapolis. Annapolis is a very cute city -- I had lunch on the bay overlooking the boat docks and feeling the ocean wind in my hair. And then I jetted off to the Courthouse for the ceremony itself, which was actually really inspiring in its tradition and history. (Women lawyers have come a long way since suffrage-days, and even in the last 60 years, we've greatly advanced in the practice of law. It must have been a very different thing going to law school as a woman in 1940. Ok, getting off my soapbox now.)

Because I know you are all just frothing at the mouth to see all the pomp and circumstance, the Court of Appeals has a webcast of the ceremony HERE. The sound picks up after about 3 minutes.


(PS - Wedding pics from this weekend are on the way, but I'm not done uploading them yet. It was a beautiful wedding and I have roughly 1400 photos to prove it!)


Erica said...

Congratulations Heather!!!!!! Enjoy those 9am PG county dockets :) And make SURE you call it PG county. As frequently and loudly as possible.

Anonymous said...


What is a good hotel nearby the Baltimore Convention Center?