Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid-Year Check-Up

June is a great time to gauge the progress of the year. Remember these? Written on January 1, 2008. Let's see how we're doing...


#1, not so much, but about three weeks ago, Steven plotted out a mile-long stretch of sidewalks around our house, and promptly decided that (a) he was officially not going to drink soda anymore, and (b) he was going to run that mile course every single day after work.

After about a week of watching him run and seeing him get skinnier before my very eyes, I got jealous and decided it was time to join him. I've been going steadily in the mornings for maybe a week, week-and-a-half now, and although my knees are barking something awful, I'm feeling good, healthy, lighter, even. (Although we did buy a scale from Target the other day, and the number it reflected when I stood on its little obnoxious metal face was obscene, so I will not be sharing it with you, dear reader. Rest assured it is about 30 pounds heavier than I was in 2004. Deelightful.) (However, and in my defense, it read three pounds lighter yesterday. Hope springs eternal.)

#2 - Check mark. :) (Now if DC would just process my stinking application, we could knock out all three and I could put bar admissions behind me forever.)

#3 - We're still waiting for the final chips to fall into place before we go get qualified, but as we wait, the interest rate on our savings account has reached a whopping 16%. Yeah, you read that right -- our savings rate is 16%. Why? Because Anthony Kim is my new hero. (Unfortunately, we can only deposit a maximum of $100/month into the account, so my dreams of hitting the bankroll are falling a wee bit flat. Nevertheless, 16 percent of $100 is still sixteen bucks in my fat little savings account. Grow, money, grow!)

#4 - Blah. They're consolidated, and I'm begrudgingly writing checks to someone named Sallie. Let's leave it at that.

#5 - I bought myself a pretty little college-ruled notebook the other day, with the intention of writing Morning Pages right after my morning mile-long run (see #1 above). So far, its been pretty successful, and it really does help provoke your creativity. I wrote the first set of Morning Pages last night, and the second set this morning at Starbucks. And right after I finished the set from this morning, I grabbed my Starbucks and walked out to my car, and I had a lightbulb moment about work. Not anything super-crazy-creative (it involved an Excel spreadsheet, which basically spells death to creativity most of the time), but it was a creative solution to a problem I've been having in keeping track of my billable time at work. And as I have (slowly) learned in my life, seeing quick results = Heather will likely keep doing this results-producing thing. Go mighty Morning Pages!**

#6 - I bulldozed through my whole collection of chick lit here at the house, and as I was browsing at Target (I must really love Target, it's gotten two mentions so far) the other day, I realized that I wanted to buy about 15 of the newest bestsellers on display. My fuzzy math informed me that 15 books at $15 a piece means probably not the wisest decision for my "read once and promptly shelve it" philosophy of books.

Thus, my fancy-shmancy new library card is winging its way to me via the United States Post Office as we speak. Nothing better than free reads on the government dime, I say. (Besides, my tax dollars pay for those books, so buy 'em at Target or loan 'em from the library -- either way I'm getting hit in the wallet.)

So, I suppose that given the above benchmarks, 2008 has been pretty successful so far. January to June has whizzed by me like a preschooler hopped up on Pixie Stix, so I'm sure the rest of 2008 will be eager to catch up. Here's hoping my tired old body can keep up with my increasingly-impossible ambitions. :)

(**For those of you just dying to know the mind-numbing details: The workday tends to escape me, billing-wise, and all of a sudden its 4 PM and I haven't written down any of my billing for the whole day. And then I have to double-back and read through my sent items and try to figure out what the heck I've been doing all day. So my nifty new Excel sheet is laid out in 15 minute increments, and every 15 minutes, I'm forced to fill in the little box with some basic details of what I've been up to for the past quarter-hour. "Telephone call with X, email to Y, draft document Z," and so forth. And presto changeo, there's what I've been doing all day! It helped tons, and I'm a happy camper. At least, I'm happy for now -- something tells me I will tire of this new write-it-down-twice system pretty quickly. We'll see. It worked for me for today, and that's all I'm asking at this point.)

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