Monday, June 2, 2008

Pink Just Screams Family Law

Overheard in the Courthouse elevator:

Me: (standing there in a black nondescript suit)

Other Girl Roughly My Age: (gets into the elevator, also in a black nondescript suit)

Lady In A Hot Pink Skirt Suit: (bursting into the elevator, out of breath) "Oh, hi there.... um.... let's see... third floor.... right.... (pushes button)


Me: (standing there quietly)

Pink Lady, In an Overly Loud Voice: "You know, you can always spot the family lawyer in the room!" (Gestures to me and Other Girl in our black suits) "Dark suit, dark suit, and here I am in my bright pink!"

Me: (stupefied, and also curious, because prior to this moment I was unaware of this unspoken rule of courtroom attire.)

Other Girl: "I just haven't found a pink suit that fits me right yet!"

Me: (Rats, that was a good response. Trying to think of something equally witty. Nothing's coming to mind. Smile and nod.)

Pink Lady: "Ha ha! Well, see ya!" (scurries out of the elevator, almost dropping an enormous file folder on the way out.)

Apparently, I have chosen the less interesting field of practice. Or at least the less colorful.


Off to buy a pink suit and buck tradition.

(Also, what the heck is this enormous horse head sculpture, and why is it on the sidewalk by my apartment? I don't get it. Does that make me less artsy?)


The Mulvihills said...

This lady and I would probably be friends! I almost bought a bright pink wool blazer this winter, but then was talked into the brown. :)

Erica said...

reason #5776 that I will not be doing family law!

let me know if a huge cow or sheep shows up. or alpaca.