Friday, June 6, 2008

My Thumb Is Looking Greenish

We have flowers, people!

Blue Lake Bush Beans

Either I am doing something right, or at least not doing anything too terribly wrong, because these plants have officially survived the longest of any living thing (without a skeleton or central nervous system) that I have ever nurtured.

It was a little deceptive at first, because the flowerbuds kinda look like tiny little beans, and I got all excited for our first summer bean harvest.


Except then they sprouted petals. Oops! Surprise! Clearly I am an experienced and savvy gardener who can tell the difference between a bean and a flower. Clearly.


Also, my tomato plant has these weird little dandelion-looking flowers growing on it. And it appears to be growing fur. I find this odd.

Porch Tomatoes

However, as long as the actual tomatoes don't grow fur, I will attempt to eat them. In August. With glee. And probably with every meal because just look at this sucker. He's hardy!


(I'm beginning to think that two wire tomato-holder-thingys per planter might not have been the best idea, but Nevertheless! I will press on and succeed in growing food! Or at least plants with lots of Green Leaves! and Hairy Stems! and such.)

You are all invited to our 600sf apartment for a tomato and bean feast in August-ish. Alternatively, should drought and pestilence strike the porch in the Summer of '08, you can all come over anyway and we'll order pizza and Five Guys.

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