Saturday, April 4, 2009

Veggie Garden Layout

Like any overly obsessive compulsive person, I am taking furious notes on the development of the garden.

For starters, I drew a map of where I put all the seeds.


Can you see how it translates to the garden?


After all of this painstaking work, I promptly forgot that I had done this, and went out and sowed more seeds in precisely all the wrong spots.

So! Now we have brussles sprouts on top of spinach on top of carrots on top of lettuce. Its a big happy mess.


But lookie! They're growing! This is the beginning of the lettuce row (I think). The first two leaves are "seed leaves," which apparently will fall off as soon as the "real" leaves appear.


Carlie approves this lettuce. However, she will not be having any, because she is a Meatasaurus Rex only, please.


Meatasaurus sans teeth, of course. These pics are back from mid-March -- the veggies are sprouting all over the place now! I will get you some new pics as soon as possible, yo.

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