Friday, April 3, 2009

State of the Garden

I have so many backlogged blog posts, its starting to get out of hand. So I will diligently attempt to post every other day (or so) until I've gotten all of my "drafts" into actual posted items.

(Yes. I have blog drafts. I realize this is not normal. I draft things for a living, so it made sense to me. Leave me alone.)

Anyway! So let's discuss the current state of the veggie garden, shall we?

The first weekend in March, I started setting up the beds:

A couple layers of leaves and compost (although not very broken-down at all -- I think there are whole slices of potato and banana peels in the layer right beneath these leaves. Oh well. Let nature run its course, right?)

I am by no means hippy crunchy enough to purposefully buy "Organic Dirt." It just happened to be the cheapest stuff on the shelf at $3 a bag. Quite a steal, I thought.


A couple of heave-hos later and I managed to dump all the bags out in the garden and spread it evenly around, without getting entirely coated in dirt. (Carlie supervised this activity.)


Once the dirt was spread, I consulted my various gardening tomes. ("What can I plant outside in early March again?")


Also, after about the fourth time I touched my face with gardening-hands and gave myself big dirt streaks down my cheeks, I wised up and started itching my nose with the back of my hand.


So, what did we plant, you ask?

Mesclun lettuce: Arugula and some other "spicy" varieties.




The seeds for the carrots are so tiny.


Brussles Sprouts! (I have no idea if we like these or will eat them, but by golly, they grow in cold weather and I wanted to PLANT STUFF. So now we have two rows of Brussles Sprouts.)


I also planted lots of spinach. Several different plantings, actually. I am hoping for spinach salads and the like.


I also planted a "sweet" version of the mesclun lettuce, and I apparently forgot to take a picture of the seed package.


So there you have it! Up next, you can see all the progress my little baby plants have made. Hooray for (my brave attempts at) growing our own food!


The Mulvihills said...

Looks great, Heather! I'm excited to see how they grow! I enrolled Jay in a class for next week that teaches him all about growing strawberries. I'm thinking we will indeed have our own little garden this summer also! Fun!

Mom said...

I went to Trader Joe's and bought a bag of spinach... yum. Can't plant anything in the yard - I have way too many tree to grow anything. Even the back yard grass doesn't grow, it's a-natural back there.

Have a wonderful time gardening and enjoy eating the fruits/veggies of your labor.

Love you always,

Jenny said...

I'm jealous!

You'll like the brussels sprouts. Roast them with some olive oil and a little salt and pepper. Couldn't be easier and couldn't be yummier.

Happy gardening!