Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coconut Macaroons

Steven and I keep in touch mostly via email during the workday. Its quick and its conducive to multitasking, which we're both (usually) doing all day.

But sometimes I get these puzzling emails from him. Riddles, even.

"I am bringing something home from work for you. The Order arrived."

At first, I was concerned that he'd gotten involved in some sort of freemasonry group that I wasn't aware of. But then I realized he'd sent a link to a high school fundraising site. And Oh! Cookie Dough! Yay!


And may I highly recommend that you purchase a large tub of the cookie dough of your choosing from a local high-schooler (also of your choosing). Because nothing is better than a giant tub of coconut macaroon dough in your fridge, beckoning to be made into hundreds of crispy bits of deliciousness.


Wish I had a recipe to give you, but unfortunately it was just a tub-o-goodness with no real recipe. I am no help at all today, I know.

Ok, now back to your American Idol results.

1 comment:

Mom said...

They look soooo yummy! I can just taste one now. Dad would eat a plate full of those coconut macaroons.