Sunday, April 5, 2009

Put It In A Ziploc Bag

Just to switch it up a bit for you: Its not all gardens, recipes and yarn 'round these here parts...

Your humble correspondent was convinced (albeit, against my strong and unyielding need for sleep) to go to a concert last weekend that began at 11 PM. In College Park, Maryland, no less, which is a good solid hour (ok, 45 minutes at 1 AM) from our house.


Steven really likes the band Lit (and I will admit it, I like them too -- great iPod running music.) We saw them when we visited New York in 2004, when they played for the Last Call with Carson Daly show. We were singled out as people who were "wearing something hip" as we stood in line for the Carson Daly show, and we were invited to sit right in the front row, nearly in camera view. It was way cool.


This time around, Steven found out about the concert (which was at a really tiny restaurant/bar in College Park, right by Univ. of MD) about 24 hours ahead of time. We hemmed and hawed about going, and finally jumped in the car at about 9 PM on Saturday night. Hey, why not, right?


Upon arrival, I came to understand that the target audience of this band is clearly not us. Okay, clearly not me. When we got there early, I wondered aloud to Steven if I should "maybe go get my knitting from the car while we wait..."

I got that look. This is not a knitting venue, apparently. (No one was talking about tomato seedlings either, for what its worth.)


The show started promptly at 11 PM, and the band played a bunch of songs we'd wanted to hear (including most my iPod playlist, one of which includes the astute lyric: "If I could get another chance, I'd put it in a Ziploc bag, and keep it in my pocket." Who doesn't love a band that can write songs about kitchen storage?).


Except for one incident where the lead singer was hit in the face by an errant throw (I didn't realize Chuck Knoblauch was in attendance, but I digress), it was a great concert and we loved it. I was glad to see we didn't stick out too much, even if we were a good decade older than everyone else in the building.

And we were even home and fast asleep before 2 AM.

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The Mulvihills said...

Hilarious!! Sounds like you had fun!