Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Favorite New Kitchen Ware

A confession: I have this problem. I am a very, very messy chef. I spill stuff everywhere. I used to think that my inability to keep the food in the pan was a direct result of rushing to put a meal together as fast as humanly possible.

But then I went to my cousin's house and took one look at her giant skillet, and I just knew.


The solution to my problem was this: I needed an ENORMO-skillet.


Steven and I went to HomeGoods the other day, and I picked out the biggest, most monstrous-looking skillet that I could find. It had to have really deep sides and be about three times the size of the biggest burner on my stove. Anything else was too small.


I officially adore it. Enormo-Skillet, you are my new favorite piece of kitchenware.

(Now, Coffeemaker, don't get upset. We'll always have our mornings together, you know that.)

My cookware is plotting a revolt against me for this, I just know it...

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tracy said...

I seriously think this is what's been missing in my life.