Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Conversation and a New Garage Floor

Steven: [watching commercial where bowling ball is dropped on someone's head] "Ha ha! That's how I feel being married to you, sometimes. Ha ha ha!"

Me: [looking at him in disbelief]

Steven: [backpedaling quickly and nervously] "You know, um, when you elbow me in my sleep, or when you unravel your knitting projects and hit me in the face with your arm, or. . . um . . ."

Me: [still looking at him, but now frowning slightly]

Steven: "I'm sorry, babe." [Reaches over and rubs my shoulder lovingly] "I didn't mean to say that . . . out loud."


Boys will be boys, won't they? :)

In another example of brazen manhood, Steven-The-Toolman-Steele has been wanting to refinish our garage floor for quite some time. We spent the better part of a Saturday morning at Home Depot last weekend, picking out just the right brand of epoxy and the other various accoutrements we needed. Steven picked out a gray floor with white, black, and blue flecks. We hemmed and hawed over a $25 squeegee for nearly half an hour, and finally left it at the Depot.

But he did get a shiny new scrubbrush. Show em, Steven:


You can also see that our garage floor was kinda icky-looking. Stained with oil and just generally rather blase.

But a scuzzy garage floor is no match for Steven The Barbarian. (Or, at least, Steven The Epoxy-Applying-Homeowner...)


After a thorough reading of the almighty directions by yours truly, we poured some very caustic chemicals on our garage floor and waited the alloted 10 minutes. During the wait, I discussed the possibility that Steven's shoes could melt from the chemicals. When he re-entered the garage, he was stepping lightly at first.


But after a few minutes, we determined there was no Shoe-Meltage, and he got right to work, scrubbing all of the remaining gunk from the concrete floor. (Meanwhile, I sat on a metal folding chair in our driveway and alternated between taking pictures of the progress and working on some knitting. We are nothing if not some classy folks, Folks.)


We had to wait for the floors to dry after the initial chemical-scrub-and-rinse, so we watched the Twins game and then headed back out to the garage at about 8 PM to finish the job. We woke up the next morning and went to inspect our hard work:


Lookie there. Them's some mighty nice garage floors, if I do say so myself.


We had to refrain from parking on the floor for a few days, so we played musical cars in the driveway for a while, but the paint is finally dry and I think Steven did a great job.


Next garage project: Paint the walls white and the stairs a nice brick red. Oh, the projects. They do not end. But at least we aren't just sitting on our bums all weekend anymore, right?


Daniel Jay said...

Nice garage floor, the gray really looks nice! I'm now suffering from garage floor envy.

Mom said...

Great job on the garage floor HR and Steven. I like it!