Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Rugs

(This will be short and sweet. I've already done three court appearances this week, and I have DC court tomorrow. Ergo, I am too tired to wax eloquent. Funny and engaging posts will resume this weekend.)

We have decided to furnish this house from the ground up. Literally.


We scored a good deal on some rugs from World Market a few weeks ago, and here they are.


My favorite is the dining room rug. I'm still not 100% sold on the other two. Although I think its the green couches that I truly hate, not the innocent rugs. (Also, we moved one of the couches to another room, just to see how it looked. Then we were too tired to move it back. I am noticing a tiredness theme here...)


Now we need a table. Steven says we can have a dinner party after we buy a table. I think that's because he knows it will take me forever to find just the right table, so there's no imminent threat of dinner party in that promise.


It will be a potluck, when (if) it happens. Bring on the casseroles, people. (And somebody find me a nice, inexpensive dining room table, too, while you're at it...)

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The Mulvihills said...

I keep thinking about these rug pics and meaning to comment. I like the rugs! I am wondering what kind of dining table you would put in there? White would look nice with the wood work. Black would look great also. I'm excited to see your place this fall!!!